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Controversial Matters for Research Report

What is intended by “publishing integrity?” In its simplest type be true to oneself and make sure that your writing declares your own thoughts, in your words. This concept – produce it be your own – is critically significant, specially in these days of instant access to info from all press. It’s not really difficult to “pick up” and modify others’ terms that are composed, then represent them. Creating is and entry is instant – simply do an Internet search. Today, within the ease of your personal home, you have total usage of almost everything that has previously been created.

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The Harriers at Garstang Gallop – Trimple 20 – Heptonstall/Blackcombe/Causey Pike Fell Races – Park 5k Runs

Garstang Gallop 7 Mile – Sunday March 20th

Full Results HERE

Karl Billington turned out at this race along with 113 other runners, a race won by Rob Webb in 37.49. Karl had a pretty solid run coming in 3rd with a time of 40.35 and commented after the Race that he Went through 10k in 36 20. I went of way to hard in the first mile and paid for it in miles 2-4 but managed  to rally and finish strong catching 3 of them when they were 30 secs ahead at 4miles”. Karl’s dad, David Billington also ran the race finishing with a time of 59.52 in 72nd spot.

Trimple 20 – Sunday March 20th


A big turn out for this Race – 718 finishers – and in very good conditions for a 20 mile road race, a race which is used by a number of athletes as a trial run for the forthcoming Manchester and London Marathons. The Race was won by Iraitz Arrospide in a time of 1hr 52.36 and by  Joasia Zakrzewski in the Women’s Race (2hr 05.28).

V45 Paul Slone had a pretty good run placing 150th in a time of 2hr 31.05 and another V45 – Carol Reilly – similarly had a good run in 227th position in a time of 2hr 39.54 having run 2hr. 38.31 in 2015. Kaylie Panaro, like Carol, training for the Manchester Marathon, knocked nearly two minutes of her previous 20 mile best to run a new PB of 2hr 43.48 in 263rd place. V40 Joanne Nelson – (competing for the Harriers in the Northern League this year) and running for Darwen in this Race knocked over 5 minutes off her previous best time coming home in 38th place with a time of 2.13.05 and 3rd placed Woman overall. Supporters at the Race said she won a kettle and will ‘be making the brews from now on’.

Full Results HERE

Heptonstall Fell Race – Sunday March 20th


Shaun Livesey was out again this weekend just a week after wining the Dentdale 14.2 and all part of his preparation for the Manchester Marathon.


Full Results HERE

Training and racing are going well for Shaun as can be seen in the results of his latest race and this time on the Fells where he finished 11th overall out of 247 finishers in a good time of 2hrs 07. 21 and commented to the Club after his race that “My last race before Manchester Marathon and I though I would take the short trip over to the happy valley of Heptonstall. I’d seen the route profile and previous results and thought if I run under 2 hr 10 min that would be a fair run. A fantastic spring day greeted the 250+ runners which was a record turn out for the event. I set off nice and steady chatting away to nick barber ( Todmorden) with whom I had many battles with during the red rose x/c, conscious that I wanted runners around me when it came to a small navigation section of the race. This wasn’t a problem due to the fantastic weather. I soon established my position in the race and tried to keep within myself and not push too hard too early. I was having a good battle with Dave Kirkham ( wharfedale ) he would drop me on the descent and I would catch him up on the climb, however at around 9.5m he fell hard! I stopped and asked if he was ok, he said yes and told me to push on. Subsequently I found out he had to retire shortly after that. I reached 13m I could feel the onset of fatigue coming on I knew I only had a couple of mile to push. After a welcome descent it was on to the sting in the tail, a brut of a climb trough some woods, the finish couldn’t come soon enough as I heard voices gaining behind me. I just managed to keep my place, eventually finishing 11th in 2hr 7min 01sec and totally spent. As for the race itself, it was fanatically organised with great support. Next stop Manchester”.

Andy Heys also joined Shaun for this race finishing in a time of 2hrs 48.33 placing him 130th out of the 247 finishers. He told the Club that “Whilst my performance was not the greatest, I used it as a training run in anticipation of the forthcoming 3-peaks race. The day was truly spectacular. We were graced with the perfect weather and the views and scenery were remarkable (must have definitely been the Lancashire side of the Pennines J) with the event being well attended and organised. The course was a real tough test with an added surprise of a long, steep, stepped climb about half a mile from the finish. Just what tired legs needed!”

Cumbrian Fell Race – Blackcombe

Blood, Sweat and Clag is how Ian Clarkson described his recent experience at Blackcombe in the race won by Ben Mounsey (2hrs 10.28) with just 19 seconds separating the first three finishers.


Full Results HERE

Finishing 455th with a time of 3hrs 19.22 Ian said  that “I had a go at a Cumbrian Fell Race, Blackcombe. Full on with all characteristics of a proper fell race, calf screaming ascents, skin ripping heather and visibility down to a few metre’s and a great downhill section at the end.
Many thanks to John Orrell who came along with us and for the support on the hill, teamwork.
Blackcombe is definitely in the diary for next year”.


Causey Pike Fell Race

John Orrell has the Ben Nevis Race much in mind this year and entered the Causey Pike Fell Race as part of his preparation.

Full Results HERE

John completed the Race which was 4.5 mile long and with 1781 feet of ascent in 1.02:56, finishing 57th. Well done and looking good on top of the mountain.


 Park Run 5k – Results Round Up

footerAt Witton Park on the 12th March it was a win for Blackburn Harriers Sean Proctor in a time of 19.55 followed by a fine run by U13 Jamie Teare in 2nd place with a time of 19.59. Rory Teare (U11) placed 26th in 25.36 and it was the first time that he had run at this venue. In 27th came Richard Taylor (25.51) followed by Danny Teare in 29th (26.03), David Billington 37th in 27.29, U11 Oliver Gill 39th in 27.57, George Woodburn 49th (28.38), Michelle Teare 53rd in 28.55 and another U11 – Emily Snape in 61st (32.04) – Emily also ran the Preston Park Run the week after where she ran a much improved time of 28.23. (Full Results HERE)

One week later it was a one, two three at Witton Park on March 19th with Sam Exton winning in 18.22 and a new PB, U13 Jamie Teare with another great run and a new PB in 2nd again two weeks running in 19.52 and U17 Liz Greenwood in her first appearance at the Witton Park Run 3rd in 19.54. In 6th place was new member and U17 Joe Gebbie in 20.52.

12792367_591052687710499_6238473641620693104_o      12719608_591052734377161_8749857473337751148_o-1

12525179_591052737710494_1573586877581040880_o      12771536_591051191043982_4681152448506903342_o

(Full Results HERE)

Amongst the 81 finishers, the next Harrier in was John Cookson in 11th (21.48) with Bryan Searby two places further back in 13th (22.37) and Rory Teare with a really good run and a new PB in 15th spot with a time of 23.11. Dad Danny Teare placed 31st in 25.42, with Carol Cookson 42nd in 27.42 and just missing a PB by 5 seconds, Michelle Teare 46th in 28.20 followed by Hannah Davies (49th) in 29.01 and mum Lindsay (50th) in 29.09.

12747996_591052944377140_5493634095029469199_o      856936_591053017710466_5366935356459915635_o

12719496_591053454377089_1395929383432570188_o      11950330_591053684377066_5954286349167914861_o

12525088_591053817710386_1444211442335683008_o      12819204_591053841043717_8690985675365479963_o





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PB’s & top of the National Rankings for Harriers athletes at Blackpool Open

First outing for some of the Blackburn Harriers athletes at Blackpool this week as they approach the opening of the this years Track & Field season and it proved to be a good start for many of them.


Full Results HERE

Whilst these are the early days of the season, there is little doubt that a number of the Club’s throwers are in very good form and have wintered well as they say. None more so than U17 Jacob Roberts in the Hammer when he won the competition with a throw of 65.39m – a new PB by four metres – and went straight in at Number 1 in the National Rankings. The following day, Jacob competed over at Cleckheaton and won his Age Group with another throw of 63.75m.

 Jacob’s Winning Throw Video

Rebecca Orrell (U20) backed this up with another new PB winning her Hammer event with a throw of 46.76m which took her straight into 2nd place in the National Rankings. Staying with the Throws events bottom of age U15 Alex Bernstein had a double win in the Discus moving up to the 1.25kg weight and throwing 28.20m and again moving up in weight in the Hammer to 4kg, he won that event too with a throw of 33.75m placing him 4th in the Hammer and 5th in the Discus National Rankings.

In winning her Shot Putt event, U13 Myah Booth improved her PB by well over a metre throwing 7.72m placing her 15th in the early National Rankings. She had a good day all round winning the 70m Hurdles in 12.6 which was another new PB and took 4th place in the 80m in a time of 12.2 in her first trip over that distance.

Senior Thrower Simon Brown took on the Shot Putt and Discus, winning the Shot Putt with 11.77m and coming in 2nd in the Discus with a throw of 35.76m. U17 Anthony Kent also had a stormer of an event as he moved up to the 1.5kg weight in the Discus adding nearly six metres to his previous best with the 1.25kg Discus and registering a win with a throw of 41.23m which like Jacob, pushed him straight into Number 1 in the National Rankings.

On the Track U17 Lewis Bernstein had a solid opener in the 400m with a 3rd placed 57.16 whilst U20 Jake Almond took a 5th spot in the Men’s Senior 100m (12.5) and a better performance in the 200m with 3rd in 23.2. U15 Georgie Chesworth in her first outing for the Club also doubled up in the 100m and 200m and did really well placing 4th in the 100m (14.2) and winning the 200m with a time of 28.8.

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Controversial Research Paper Topics Set Of Questionable Issues

Writer Anne Lamott stated, ” they ought to have behaved better, If people wanted one to produce about them.” She has a point — but legally, it’s complex. If everything you are telling is your own accurate story, odds are not bad that your directly to notify it would be upheld by a court. That said, avoiding courtroom within the first place is not worsen. Before you make an effort to submit an autobiography, supply yourself with a basic understanding of the regulations about attack and defamation of solitude.

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Fun Facts About Albert Einstein and Their Benefits to Science and Math

Modify Post Just how to Consider Sharp Images Completely sharp photos are what many photographers wish and try for. A fuzzy picture can look average when compared with one that is sharp, no matter how the subject matter that is spectacular is. Stress not. It’s simple to get up and commence taking photos; it does not take much work to get these obvious, pointed images you’ve been longing for, often. It will take just a little understanding of some trivia that is technical. Advertisement Methods Prevent camera shake.

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Developing Variations Of Simple And Students

There is a dissertation an extensive proper record prepared in defense of idea or the specific watch. Dissertation-writing is a challenging task that requires a lot of perseverance and planning. There many troubles in dissertation writing that individuals typically encounter. One of these simple challenges is currently choosing the dissertation topic that is good. An excellent dissertation theme must be authentic, specific and highly relevant to study’s industry.

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