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Cross Challenge & Mid Lancs with the Harriers – 2nd for Jack at David Staff Race – Top 20 for Jacob at Wilmslow 10k – Zach Medals & Saul sets PB at British Biathlon Championships

Cross Challenge & Mid Lancs – Sefton Park Saturday November 24th

One of the highlights of the cross country calendar takes place every year at Sefton park where some of the best athletes in the different age groups – from U11’s through to Seniors – compete against one another. Today the weather was good, the ground dry which made for very good running and spectating conditions overall.

Positions of all the athletes in this report are their positions as they finished in the whole field and not the Mid Lancs postions which are calculated separately.

Mid Lancs Results…..HERE

The U11 Boys were the first age group on at 10.45, the race featuring one hundred and fifty seven lads. Matthew Smith led the team home in 11th spot overall, running a time of 7.15 with Sam Aspey two places further back in 13th (7.22). Really good running and packing by the boys saw Jacob Joyce and Oliver Gill running really well to take 17th (7.29) and 20th (7.32) to give them four in the top twenty. Next in came William Grundy in 43rd spot (7.50) followed by Charlie Haworth in 65th place (8.01), George Ramsden (67th) clocking 8.05, Liam Bennison (79th) in a time of 8.11, Felix Thompson in 84th (8.16), Findlay Carroll in 91st spot (8.19) with Loucas Lancashire just three places and three seconds further back in 94th (8.22), Alexander Brien placing 124th (8.51), George Holman (131st) in a time of 9.00 and Isaac Smith in 150th position with a time of 9.59.

In the Mid Lancs League the Harriers were 2nd Team in a close fought contest with Trawden out of 14 Clubs taking 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 25th, 36th, 37th, 46th, 50th, 55th, 57th, 74th, 78th and 87th places.

Back Row – Loucas Lancashire – Oliver Gill – Matthew Smith – William Grundy – Isaac Smith – Alexander Brien – George Ramsden – Front Row – Findlay Carroll – Liam Bennison – George Holman – Charlie Haworth – Felix Thompson – Sam Aspey

U11 Boys Race Video

                             Matthew Smith                                                           Sam Aspey

Jacob Joyce

                                Oliver Gill                                                         William Grundy

                            Charlie Haworth                                                      George Ramsden

                           Liam Bennison                                          Loucas Lancashire & Findlay Carroll

                         Felix Thompson                                                  Loucas Lancashire

                                                                 Alexander Brien

                        George Holman                                                           Isaac Smith

One hundred and fifty two runners in the U11 Girls Race which saw Hannah Davies be the first Blackburn Harrier home with a time of 8.07 in 21st place. Then in 29th spot came Imogen Robinson clocking 8.16 followed by Eve Coulson in 38th (8.25), Charlotte Sousa in 56th running 8.42, Tippi Francis running a time of 9.21 in 93rd position and Lulu Sharp in 114th place posting a time of 9.42.

Same as the U11 Boys in the Mid Lancs League the U11 Girls finished 2nd Team overall out of 14 Clubs with 9th, 13th, 16th, 25th, 47th and 57th positions.

L-R — Tippi Francis – Imogen Robinson – Lulu Sharp – Hannah Davies – Eve Coulson – Charlotte Sousa

U11 Girls Race Video

                            Hannah Davies                                                     Imogen Robinson

                           Eve Coulson                                                           Charlotte Sousa

                               Tippi Francis                                                          Lulu Sharp

There was some fine running in the U13 Boys which had Isaac Butler with a very strong start at the front of the race on early on, coming home as first Blackburn Harrier in 21st place clocking a time of 11.13 with Dexta Thompson just eight seconds further back in 28th place (11.21) and Theo Watson in 35th spot in a time of 11.30. Just two seconds separated Codie Dewhurst in 54th position (11.55) and Daniel Smith in 55th (11.57). Jonathan Brindle was next across the line in a time of 12.10 (71st) with Saul Sharp in 88th place (12.31), Ben Livesey in 91st (12.38) and Lewis Hardman in 119th (14.08).

The U13 Boys went one better as they came home first of the 11 Clubs with individual positions of 1st, 5th, 9th, 18th, 21st, 27th, 38th, 41st, and 60th

L-R — Ben Livesey – Saul Sharp – Theo Watson – Lewis Hardman – Jonathan Brindle – Codie Dewhurst – Isaac Butler – Dexta Thompson – Daniel Smith

U13 Boys Race Start Video

                             Isaac Butler                                                         Dexta Thompson

                            Theo Watson                                                           Codie Dewhurst

                            Daniel Smith                                                        Jonathan Brindle

                  Ben Livesey & Saul Sharp                                              Lewis Hardman

Another big field for the U13 Girls saw one hundred and thirty three young athletes toe the line at the start with six girls from the Harriers. Keira Haxton was the first home in the blue & white in 62nd place clocking 13.01, followed by Molly Grimshaw in 77th (13.28), Kiera Booth (83rd) with a time of 13.31, Isabelle Hartley running 13.43 in 94th place, Caroline Woodworth coming home in 102nd spot (13.55) and Kady Thompson (126th) in a time of 15.26.

6th place in the team race featuring 10 teams for the Harriers with individual placings of 25th, 32nd, 36th, 43rd, 50th and 69th.

U13 Girls Race Video

                                Keira Haxton                                                       Molly Grimshaw

                                 Keira Booth                                                         isabelle Hartley

Caroline Woodworth

Woody Jerome (Aldershot) was a comfortable winner of the U15 Boys race coming home 12 seconds in front of the 133 strong field. Highest placed athlete for the Club was Kyle Taylor-Pomfret in 83rd spot in a time of 11.20 with Ethan Barbarewicz not far behind in 87th spot (11.27). Then came three Harriers with just six seconds separating them, Joseph Joyce being the first in 100th place (12.02), George Whittaker (102nd) in a time of 12.07 and Jack Paget-Fowler 103rd in 12.08. They were followed in by three more in close succession – Thomas Brooks (108th) in 12.19, Danny Woodcock (109th) in a time of 12.21, Sebastian Burton (112th) in 12.29 and Rory Teare in 121st spot running 13.13.

U15 Boys Race Start Video

In the Mid Lancs League the U15 Boys came in 7th in the Team race with individual positions 29th, 32nd, 44th, 46th, 47th, 51st, 52nd, 55th and 60th

                        Kyle Taylor-Pomfret                                                  Ethan Barbarewicz

                             Joseph Joyce                                                      George Whittaker

                        Jack Paget-Taylor                                                           Thomas Brooks

Danny Woodcock

                            Sebastian Burton                                                        Rory Teare

Just four Girls in the U15 Race – Eleesha Charnley, Hollie Cubbon, Leah Hoole and Rebecca Ramsden in a field of one hundred and thirty two runners. Eleesha came home as the first Harrier in 66th with a time of 12.12 and supported by Hollie in 97th (12.45), Leah (96th) clocking 12.58 and Rebecca (115th) in a time of 13.35.

Mid Lancs team positions for the U15 Girls had the Harriers in 6th place with individual positions 12th, 29th, 34th and 48th

                              Eleesha Charnley                                                 Hollie Cubbon

                                   Leah Hoole                                                      Rebecca Ramsden

There was a very tight race in the U17 Men’s event with just four seconds between 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Matt Ramsden crossed the line first for the Harriers in 25th place in the 130 + strong field, clocking 18.12 with Sam Hodkinson in 55th spot running a time of 18.55, Jamie Teare (112th) in 20.49 and Harry Wilkin in 120th place (21.57). Just three athletes in the U17 Women’s Race which had a smaller field of 81 athletes. Amy Davies was the first Harrier home in 49th place (17.24) followed by Hollie Oldham in 78th place (20.46) and Alex Taylor (80th) in a time of 22.19.

U17 Boys Race Video

In the Mid Lancs League the Harriers came 2nd in the Team Race to Rossendale with individual positions 3rd, 8th, 29th and 34th

U17 Girls Race Video

There were just two complete Teams in the Mid Lancs League which gave Blackburn Harriers the team win from Southport and with individual positions of 4th, 15th and 16th

                           Matt Ramsden                                                          Sam Hodkinson

                                Jamie Teare                                                          Harry Wilkin

Amy Davies

                                Hollie Oldham                                                         Alex Taylor

A stacked field in the Women’s Race – featuring over three hundred athletes – saw Charlotte Arter  (Cardiff) take the win in 26.10 as 2nd (Ockenden) and 3rd (Piasecki) were give the same time of 26.14. Jess Judd finished 15th overall and first across the line for Blackburn in a time of 27.11. Second Harrier home was Annabel Ralph in 80th place clocking a good time of 30.44 with Katie Buckingham coming in 90th in a time of 32.01. Just two seconds behind Katie, came Carmen Byrne who had worked her way through the field in 91st spot (32.11). Joanne Nelson was next home in 94th (32.29) followed by Carly Edwards in 109th (34.06), Janine Fallon in 119th (34.53), Lindsay Davies in 150th (36.31) and Michelle Teare 227th in a time of 40.55.

Blackburn Harriers won the Senior Women’s Team Race in the Mid Lancs League from Preston Harriers with individual positions 1st, 11th, 12th and took 5th place with the ‘B’ Team counters in 13th, 15th, 23rd, plus 52nd and 98th places.

Jess Judd

Annabel Ralph

Katie Buckingham

Carmen Byrne

Joanne Nelson

Carly Edwards

Janine Fallon

Lindsay Davies

Michelle Teare

Jake Heyward (Cardiff) was the comfortable winner of the U20 Men’s Race with a 12 second gap over second place and nineteens seconds in front of 3rd. For the Harriers, there were three athletes out, Thomas Marchant, Joe Gebbie and Nick Smith.Thomas came home first (106th) clocking a time of 22.17 with Joe next running a time of 23.02 (129th) and Nick in 142nd (23.41).

The Mid Lancs U20 Results are not yet available

A very impressive run and finish saw Ross Millington win the Men’s Senior Race in a time of 28.00 with just two seconds separating Nick Goolab (2nd), Marc Scott (3rd) and Charlie Hulson in 4th. Tim Raynes worked his way through the field after a steady start to make up a lot of places in finishing in a top 100 spot (86th) running a time of 30.50. A time of 32.53 saw Chris Davies finish 148th which also earned him the 1st V40 place in the Mid Lancs League results. Tom Blaney was next across the line for the Harriers in 179th (34.06) followed by Calum James in 181st and just three seconds further back with a time of 34.09. Great to see Joe Howe back in competitive mode after a really bad illness this year, his run seeing him finish 193rd in a time of 34.33 and he was followed by V50 Mark Chippendale in 229th spot (35.33) which made him 2nd V50 in the Mid Lancs League results, Paulo Sousa in 435th (41.40), Danny Teare 534th (45.21) and Allan Hartley in 539th place (45.50).

The Harriers finished 6th Team out of 34 Clubs in the Mid Lancs League with individual positions – 10th, 28th, 42nd, 43rd, 49th, 72nd, 212th, 274th and 277th.

Tim Raynes

Chris Davies

Calum James & Tom Blaney

Joseph Howe

Mark Chippendale

Paulo Sousa

Danny Teare

Allan Hartley

David Staff Memorial Race – Sunday November 25th

This race is held in memory of David Staff, a young local athlete and member of Darwen Dashers who sadly died at the age of 17yrs whilst out in a race due to an undetected cardiomyopathy. Each year, this race is run in his memory and also to raise much needed finance for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) – a voluntary organisation, dedicated to travelling a round the country providing free medical screening for young people involved in sport.

This year – one hundred and twenty nine runners finished the course – with the eventual winner – Jack Smith of Wharfedale clocking 26.25 after a real battle with the Harriers Jack Hindle who took 2nd place in a time of 26.34. Ian Clarkson also ran the race for the Club placing 57th in a time of 39.24.

Photos courtesy of www.woodentops.org

A bit about David..

David turned 17 years of age on 5th December 1994 which then allowed him to compete as a senior for the Dashers.

His first race (and last) as a senior was in the Clitheroe 10k on 27th December 1994. David collapsed and died by the road side at 5 miles from a condition called Hyperthropic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy, which in laymans terms is an abnormal thickening of the heart muscles which interrupted the electrical pulses which keeps the heart working.

This condition takes the lives of approximately 8 so-called fit and healthy young people a week, most of them are actively engaged in sport, but it is not the sport that kills; it is the exertion that acts as a trigger.

The race is run in memory of David Staff, who joined the Dashers as a 15 year old and competed in many fun runs as a junior. In September 1994, he completed the Great North Run in 1 hour 49 minutes 02 seconds along-side his dad Granville wearing his Blackburn Rovers home and away kit, needless to say the comments along the route in Newcastle cannot be repeated.

David was a very likeable person who got on with everybody he came into contact with; young and old and had a very bright future ahead of him, not only as a young man preparing to take his A-levels at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School but also as a member of Darwen Dashers.

We host this race to raise funds for Cardiac Risk in the Young, the charity that David’s father Granville actively supports. The funds raised are used to provide heart screening in the young; so far over 60 people have had heart defects identified as a result of Granville’s fund raising. Since David’s death, Granville has raised over £100,000 and we are proud to continue to support this cause.

Wilmslow Festive 10k – Sunday November 25th

Three thousand two hundred and ninety one finishers in this race won by Callum Rowlinson in a time of 31.36. Jacob Watson came across the finish line in 13th place with a time of 33.28 which was just 20 seconds outside his PB set this year (33.08).

Race Results

After the Race Jacob spoke to the Club commenting Thoroughly enjoyable run out at the Wilmslow 10k this morning. Really well organised event with great support around the course, which could be roughly described as 5k (slightly) downhill, then 5k back up! Glad to be keeping my 10k times consistently under the 34 mark and feeling good for the Ribble Valley 10 at the end of the year”.

Photo courtesey of Mick Hall Photos

British Modern Biathlon Championships – Sunday November 25th

Two young Blackburn Harriers competed in the Championships at the weekend – Zachary Walmsley and Saul Sharp.

Zach won a Bronze medal after coming 3rd in the Pool with a time of 61.86 and 8th in the 1600m clocking a time of 5.15.57.

Saul contested the 100m in the Pool and the 1600m, earning himself a new personal best in his swim (69.74) and running 5.50.47 in the 1600m which led to him finishing 9th overall.

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Tim Wins Preston 10 and Harriers Win 1st Team – Tour of Pendle & Litton Birks Loop with the Harriers – Paul runs Remembrance Day 10k

It turned out to be a very good weekend for the Harriers. After winning the Senior Men and Senior Women’s Red Rose cross country race at Marl Pits, the Senior Men were out at the Preston 10, a local race with a long history and featuring a field in excess of 500 runners.

Race Results

Tim Raynes who has been in excellent form, winning the Red Rose cross country races at Leigh and Bolton, was making his debut over this distance and was up against some very good runners at the front end of the race. That excellent form came to fruition again which saw him win the Race in a time of 52.10 – 26 seconds in front of 2nd placed Rob Danson (52.37) and Adam Sciacca (52.43) and Chris Livesey (52.44) fighting it out for 3rd spot. Three places in the top ten by the Harriers meant that the Club won the Team prize too.

After the race, Tim spoke to the Club and told us I came into the race not really knowing what to expect, having not run a 10 mile race before. Knowing that there was a decent field at the front, I decided to stick in with the lead group and see how the race progressed. After the first lap of 5 miles, it was down to a group of 4. At this point, Adam Sciacca upped the pace in an effort to get away. I tucked in behind him, however it was enough to drop Rob and Chris. Getting to about 7 miles though, I could sense Adam was starting to tire. I bided my time but, knowing that Rob and Chris may start to close, attacked with just over two miles to go. It was really pleasing to get the win, and great to pick up the team prize as well – well done to the other lads on some great runs. Great to be part of such a strong training group, which is clearly pushing all of us on.”

Karl Billington is going from strength to strength, evidenced by his 6th place today in a time of 54.23 and over a distance, which like Tim, he was making his debut in. Post-race Karl spoke to the Club commenting “Really happy with my debut 10miler, found the last mile tough. Lots of work to be done before Ribble Valley and the barca half”.

Next home for the Harriers was Chris Davies who was part of the Senior Men’s winning team the previous day at Rossendale. Chris ran just eight seconds outside of his personal best, posting a time of 56.14 in 10th place. Chris also won the V40 category too and afterwards told the Club about his weekend saying that he was Really pleased with this weekends performance’s. Marl Pitts XC is always a tough race and I came away from that in good condition to have a good stab at the Preston 10. I started off the race feeling great and came through the 5 mile marker in good shape and on for a PB but unfortunately I got to 7 1/2 and knew I was starting to slow down. I got on to the duel carriageway and just had to dig it out with 2 miles to go and just missed out on a PB. Not to concerned though. It was a strong run after the XC and has only made me more confident in getting a PB at the Ribble Valley 10K. I’ve had a great year and it’s helped running with a great Senior group which has also been improving all year. Onwards and upwards”.

In 15th place came Calum James Holmes with a new PB of 57.40 which was a three minute improvement on his previous personal best over the distance and he, like Chris, ran in the successful Senior Men’s cross country team the day before. Calum commented about his weekend saying I raced today even though I did Cross Country at Marl Pits. I felt okay doing it and was confident I was going to pb this morning at Preston. I finished 15th in 57 minutes which is five minutes better than last year, and also Blackburn won the Team race. I would also like to congratulate my team mates Chris, Tim and Karl who finished top ten”.

Even though Victoria Mousley has been unwell, she still ran the race after entering a while ago coming home in 249th (79.00). V55 David Morris also ran, placing 446th in a time of 97.29.

Tour of Pendle – Saturday November 17th

RACE RESULTS (Noy yet available)


Four Blackburn Harriers were on the line for this race Helen LeighDanny TeareJohn HorrocksGary Pearse – and it was who John led the way home as he finished in 54th position clocking 2hr 52 which was a pretty good performance given that John had been plagued with an injury.  After it was all over, John spoke to the Club about the day and his race saying Tour of Pendle. What a race. Good day for it with a coolish wind on the tops. Coming into it I’d been struggling with an slight injury so not been able to do the training that I wanted to so I aimed to be under 3 hours. Stood on the start line I said to myself set off steady and try to pace it, that went in the bin as soon as go was shouted. Managed a good pace to the bottom of geronimo where I was happy to see my dad for some good old jelly babies and a Capri sun. Worked a treat and kept me going to the top of mearley climb. At this point I was placing early 30’s and felt good to push for top 30, then the dreaded big end climb came and I blew up. From the trig point back down to the finish at barley was the longest 2.5 miles I’d ever run. Ended up 54th in a time of 2 hours 52. Veg soup never tasted so good! Definitely be back next year. Well done to all the harriers who ran and thanks to the marshals as always”.

L-R Helen Leigh – Danny Teare – Martin Haworth

Fabulous to see Helen Leigh back on the Fells racing again. This athlete has gone through more injuries & operations than you can shake a stick at, but her determination knows no bounds as she showed at the weekend and as she told the Harriers afterwards The Tour of Pendle is not for the faint hearted and there’s not many races tougher when it comes to fell racing. Just shy of 17 rough miles and 5000ft of climbing, my only real aim was to get round with both my hips still intact! I tried to pace sensibly and despite fuelling well, I still started cramping from about mile 10 where the real hard work begins. I found myself in a good position and was chasing hard for 3rd but had to settle for 4th in the end and 98th overall in 3.02. In super windy conditions I was over the moon with this, and so so happy to have finished a race in one piece after a near 3 year hiatus!

Helen Leigh

Gary Pearse having competed in the Short Circuit 33 mile race just a couple of weeks ago was the next athlete in for the Harriers. Speaking after the race Gary said that it was a “Good day conditions wise, but the usual Pendle cloud was hanging on the tops and it was windier than expected from the calm conditions in Barley. I risked running with a long recent outing in my legs which proved my undoing, but as I was also raising money for Rosemere Cancer Foundation I was definitely completing the race. Great to see Helen Leigh back racing and John Horrocks in good form. The usual healthy pace on the road out was checked by the first climb to the Trig.  It was lovely to run for a short while with Helen before she showed me a clean pair of heels. Wheels well and truly came off on the second to last big climb/decent and I was on the edge of cramping entirely before I hit the road and stretched out again on the run in. It was brilliant to see Helen and Jean at the finish. Great to be out again in this iconic fell race and especially well done to Helen and John. 

I would also like to add to the tributes to George Kirby, a time for reflection and celebration of a remarkable person”.

Gary Pearse

Danny Teare unfortunately had to drop out of the race after looking forward to it, but said post-race that it had been “Fantastic conditions for the race, with over 500 pre-registered.  Several Harriers on the list and many familiar faces lined up.  I was raring to go and felt well prepared. Training had gone well, no injuries and the pre-race fuel was all safely on board.  Half way round I was a few minutes ahead of last years pace and feeling like I could eek out a bit more in the second half.  However, half way up the climb from checkpoint 5, I realised I was shedding places and couldn’t seem to get my head down and push on.  I took shelter at the top and took more fuel + drink on board, letting it settle for a new minutes before heading off again….. but after a further 500m, I just didn’t feel confident that I could take on the last 2 climbs without having to bail out.   I opted for safety first, took a right hand turn and headed back to Barley under my own steam.  Disappointing not to finish but glad that I didn’t get into a difficult situation that would have put stress on myself and the marshals.  Great event as ever and very well run.  Good turnout from BBH and well done to all who took part.  (I will look to put it right next year!!)”.

Danny Teare

Litton Birks Loop – Saturday November 17th

John Orrell and Ian Clarkson ran this fell race which was a new one on the calendar and won by Ted mason of Wharfedale in a time of 36.44. John placed 47th overall in a time of 56.22 whilst Ian came home in 51st spot clocking 57.58.


John enjoyed the race and commented afterwards “A new race, and having no idea where we were going apart from around Birks Tarn at the top, it was a case of keeping your head down and just keep moving forward, upwards, upwards and more upwards! A beautiful day but a climb that seemed to never end. 22.49 before I reached the trig at the top. Then a loop across the moors and around the tarn, before a ‘not so fast’ decent (11.32) on steep rocky slippy limestone. A bottle of specially brewed fell race beer and chip butty at the end. What’s not to like about Fell Running!”

Ian was equally effusive about the race commenting 1st time this event was hosted, a BS cat race, 4.8 miles and just over 1200 feet of ascent, a flat plateau on the top, views to die for and then 1200 feet of decent!! A bit of a tough one, but for a fiver entry fee, which included a bottle of beer and a chip butty, what was not to enjoy. Having been out of action with a dodgy ankle for a couple of months it was great to have a go and see what happens, ankle survived and some confidence restored. Looking forward to the David Staff Memorial Fell Race next week”.

AFTER – Ian Clarkson & John Orrell

BEFORE – Ian Clarkson & John Orrell

Windmill 10k – Sunday November 11th

Paul Jeffries has a recent set back with a hip bursa, but felt good enough to run the Lytham Windmill 10k on Remembrance Sunday.  V40 Paul finished 41st place overall on the day clocking a time of 41.52.89 out of race featruing 1227 finishers. Paul told us afterwards that “it was a better run than I could of hoped for”.

Race Results

Paul Jeffries

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Harriers Senior Men and Senior Women win again at Red Rose League

Red Rose Cross Country League – Marl Pits Saturday November 17th

One week ago, the Harriers Senior Men’s and Senior Women’s Team both won their races at Leverhulme Park to make it two wins out of two. This week they made it three wins out of three to put themselves in an unassailable position going into the final fixture at Todmoreden on December 1st.



The Senior Women’s team was depleted today in terms of numbers and it was everything to play for as they fielded four athletes in an attempt to continue the winning run – Joanne Nelson, Annabel Ralph, Ellen Sagar-Hesketh, Lindsay Davies.

(L-R Ellen Sagar-Hesketh – Joanne Nelson – Lindsay Davies – Annabel Ralph)

Three places in the first thirteen saw the Women take the race by just three points from Bury in 2nd place. Joanne was the first Harrier across the line in 20.11 followed by Annabel in 8th position (20.25), Ellen in 13th clocking 21.10 and Lindsay in 41st place running a time of 23.27. Joanne’s run saw her take her third successive win in the V45 category to take an unbeatable lead in the Series.

Team Captain Joanne was delighted with the day and the Team’s success, telling the Club A fantastic team performance by the ladies at the “not for the faint hearted” Rossendale course. A depleted team of four female runners really did pull it out of the bag to win 1st place again. Well done to Annabel, Ellen and Lindsey…oh, and myself. Would be great to see all the ladies turn out for the final fixture at Todmorden… we definitely need a full show to secure first ladie’s vet teams!!! It’s looking good for Blackburn Harriers; we are definitely setting the standards”

Joanne Nelson

Annabel Ralph

Ellen Sagar-Hesketh

Lindsay Davies



The Harriers Senior Men were in the same position as the Women having won the first two fixtures at Leigh and Bolton. Another very good turn out by the Men and good packing saw the team take seven of the top twenty places giving them a win over a strong Bury Team by just nine points who had all of thier counters in the top twenty too, making it a very competitive race.

Men’s Team Captain – Paul Guinan – was a happy man after today’s fixture commenting A great performance again from all the team, confirming the depth and class we have, taking the team victory again means we have retained the Red Rose Title, with still the final fixture remaining, now looking to the final fixture in 2 weeks time”.

L-R Dominic Walton – Tom Marchant – Danny Collinge – Jack Hindle – Chris Davies – Marc Hartley – Paul Bradshaw – Calum Holmes – Allan Hartley – Tom Blaney – Ben Costello – Paul Brindle (front row)

A very good run from Jack Hindle saw him take 2nd place to eventual winner Joe Johnston in a time of 27.28. Dominic Walton is showing real strength on the cross country and also had a cracking run to place 8th in a time of 28.24 followed just one place further back by Ben Costello in 28.40. Danny Collinge was next across the line in 13th after holding the lead in the race early on, in a time of 29.34 with Marc Hartley in 17th place (29.54), Chris Davies one place behind in 18th running 29.57 and Tom Blaney in 20th posting a time of 30.22. Chris also won the Vet 40 category which sees him heading the V40 table going into the third fixture at Todmorden.

Jack Hindle

Dominic Walton

Ben Costello

Danny Collinge

Marc Hartley

Chris Davies

Tom Blaney

Just six seconds separated Paul Bradshaw in 25th spot with a time of 30.58 and Calum Holmes in 27th with a time of 31.04. Tom Marchant in 42nd place and Paul Brindle in 43rd were split by just one seocnd as they clocked 32.20 and 32.21 respectively with Allan Hartley in 155th place (40.51).

Paul Bradshaw

Calum Holmes

Tom Marchant

Paul Brindle

Allan Hartley

With the Junior Harriers concentrating on the Mid Lancs League in the main this season, there were just a handful of them out on the day. In the U11 Boys the lads managed a 3rd place for the Team on the day, led home by Matthew Smith with a very good run of 5.47 in 5th place with another good run from Oliver Gill in 7th position clocking 5.54 and supported by Findlay Carroll in 31st place (6.30), George Holman in 66th spot running a time of 7.04 and Isaac Smith in 78th (7.48). Ninety one runners in the U11 Girls and for the Harriers it was Hannah Davies who toed the line at the start, producing a good run to finish 14th overall in a time of 6.46.

Oliver Gill & Matthew Smith

Findlay Carroll

George Holman

Issac Smith

Hannah Davies

The U13 Boys finished in 4th place – just nine points off 3rd placed Leigh Harriers. Daniel Smith had a very good run, working his way through the field to be the first Harrier home in a time of 9.04 (12th). Codie Dewhurst was the next club mate home clocking 9.17 in 16th place, with Saul Sharp in 21st running a time of 9.28 and Harry Sambrook in 25th out of the 61 strong field in 9.37. Isabelle Hartley ran in the U13 Girls Race clocking 10.46 in 44th place.

Daniel Smith

Codie Dewhurst

Saul Sharp

Harry Sambrook

Isabelle Hartley

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Senior Men & Women win at Red Rose – Sportshall with the Harriers youngsters – Gary & Jonathan tackle an Ultra – Helen is back

What a tremendous performance by the Harriers at the latest fixture of the Red Rose League held at Leverhulme Park in Bolton on Saturday. In a week in which the Club mourned the passing of its President – George Kirby – the athletes dedicated their runs in his memory and the work that he did over nearly seventy years in the world of athletics, and central to that, Blackburn Harriers & AC.

Senior Men’s Team Captain – Paul Guinan – summed it up saying Another great performance from Blackburn Harriers, a real team spirit has developed with a healthy competitive edge, the results don’t lie. A fitting tribute to the great George Kirby”.

Senior Women’s Team Captain – Joanne Nelson – echosed those sentiments as she told the Club about the Senior Women’s performances and what it meant Fantastic team effort for the Blackburn Harriers Ladies with our highest amount of runners this season taking part at Bolton. Annabel Ralph was first back in 4th place followed by Victoria in 6th, myself 7th, Katie 8th and Carmen 9th which was fantastic “packing” and made for a really exciting race. Ellen was “lucky for some” in 13th and Carly followed in 17th. Lindsay was next in 41st and Jan was 103rd. The ladies team is going from strength to strength with everyone giving their absolute best. The results were a fitting tribute to George Kirby with first ladie’s team and first ladie’s vets team.

The day couldn’t have turned out better with the Men’s Senior Team winning both the Senior Race and Team alongside the Women’s Senior Team who won the Team and Vet’s Team 1st places. Added to that Joanne Nelson won the Women’s V45’s, Carmen Byrne won the Women’s V40’s, Chris Davies won the Men’s V40’s.

Race Results

(L-R – Lindsay Davies – Ellen Sagar-Heaketh – Katie Buckingham – Jan Buckingham – Cary Edwards – Joanne Nelson – Carmen Byrne – Annabel Ralph – Victoria Mousley)

It was a great debut for Annabel Ralph having recently joined the Harriers, she led the team home in 4th place overall clocking a time of 21.15. Great packing by the team saw Vicci Mousley run 22.10 in 6th place, Joanne Nelson with a time of 22.06 in 7th, Katie Buckingham (22.22.) in 8th, just one second further back – Carmen Byrne 9th with a time of 22.23 which gave the Harriers 5 places in the top ten.

(Annabel Ralph)

(Joanne Nelson & Victoria Mousley)

(Katie Buckingham)

(Carmen Byrne)

Ellen Sagar-Hesketh was the next home in 13th position (23.00) with Carly Edwards in 17th spot (23.28). Lindsay Davies came home in 41st place running a time of 25.45 and it was good to see Jan Buckingham back out racing as she finished in 103rd place (30.43).

(Ellen Sagar-Hesketh)

(Carly Edwards)

(Lindsay Davies)

(Jan Buckingham)

Wearing Black Ribbon in memory of our Club president – George Kirby

(Back Row – Mark Almond – John Chaplin – Chris Davies – Paul Brindle – Jack Hindle – Karl Billington – Tim Raynes – Marc Hartley —- Front Row – Ben Costello – Paul Bradshaw – Calum James – Josh Holgate – Danny Collinge – Allan Hartley)

Tim Raynes is in very good form and showed that by taking his second successive win in the Series in a time of 34.57 after winning at Leigh, some ten seconds in front of 2nd placed Benjamin Coop from Bury. After the Race was over, Tim commented to the Club that It was great to see so many Harriers out in force again today with great performances across the board. Given all George’s work at Blackburn Harriers over many years, it felt like a fitting tribute to him”. Just like the Senior Women there was great packing from the Men as they secured 8 out of the first 18 places. Jack Hindle was next home behind Tim in 5th spot (35.29) followed by Ben Costello in 7th (35.58), Josh Holgate in 8th place (36.04), Karl Billington in 12th (36.50), Danny Collinge (14th) running a time of 37.35, Marc Hartley in 17th (37.49) and Chris Davies 18th just one second behind in a time of 37.50.

Start of Men’s Race VIDEO

                 Tim Raynes                                Jack Hindle                                   Ben Costello

Jack Hindle said it was a Great performance once again from Blackburn. As Braddy said, it was all about a great showing in memory of George. And it definitely was. Fantastic to see everyone giving 100%, with an awesome team spirit”.

Ben Costello commentedAnother great performance from everyone at the club again. Great to see everyone turn out for George. Personally was happy with my run – absolutely fantastic group down at Blackburn“.

              Josh Holgate                               Karl Billington                               Danny Collinge

Josh Holgate spoke to the Club at the end of day telling us that it was a Top performance and turn out from all involved today. Personally it turned out to be a good run by myself so very pleased with that! Sadly never had the privilege to meet George but I heard plenty of interesting things about him pre race today, which makes me wish I had the chance. It was clear how well regarded and respected he was amongst all those involved at the club”.

Karl Billington added that it was a Good overall team performance from the guys and girls. Not one I particularly enjoyed but on to the next one”.

                                                         Marc Hartley                                                                                 Chris Davies

Tom Blaney was the next Harrier across the line in 22nd position (38.34) with Calum James making his cross country debut for the Club one place further back in 23rd (38.42). Paul Bradshaw finished in 27th place with a time of 39.07 followed by Paul Brindle in 40th place (40.21), Mark Almond (85th) clocking 44.02, Chris Balderson in 87th with a time of 44.06, Craig Greenough (113th) in 46.16, V60 John Chaplin running 46.28 in 116th place and Allan Hartley (178th) with 53.14.

                Tom Blaney                                  Calum James                            Paul Bradshaw

Calum James said he “Really enjoyed my first Cross Country for Blackburn Harriers, finished top 25 (23rd Place) overall and five minutes quicker than last year time was (38.42) was a tough course but excellent team performance from everyone”.

Paul Bradshaw spoke for all the athletes and the Club when he said that it was a Top performance by everyone. George Kirby and his legacy was a topic of conversation pre race and I’m sure he would of been looking down watching today’s performance by all the clubs runners with a smile and sense of personal achievement at what he has helped to build and lead over the years”.

                Paul Brindle                                  Mark Almond                             Chris Balderson

John Chaplin told us that it  was

“Another great club performance. George would have been proud”.

         Craig Greenough                                 John Chaplin                               Allan Hartley

At the Junior end of the Race the U11 Boys finished 4th out of 14 teams with Matthew Smith, Oliver Gill and Findlay Carroll being the Teams counters. Matthew was the first one across the line for the Club in 6th place overall in a field of ninety two, clocking 6.51. He was followed in by Oliver in 10th place running a time of 6.58 with Findlay in 34th spot (7.30), Archie Bolton in 54th place (8.04), George Holman (62nd) running a time of 8.14 and Isaac Smith in 84th (9.18). In the U11 Girls Race featuring ninety runners, Hannah Davies finished in 16th position running 7.53 – with just seven seconds separating 12th place through to 18th.

(Matthew Smith)

(Oliver Gill)

(Findlay Carroll)

(Back Row – Oliver Gill – Matthew Smith – Isaac Smith – Archie Bolton — Front Row – Findlay Carroll – George Holman)

Ten teams and fifty four runners in the U13 Boys race which saw the Harriers place 4th overall. Ben Livesey and Saul Sharp battled it out for the first Harrier to finish which Ben edged it narrowly by one second in 17th place (12.45) and Saul 18th in a time of 12.46. Codie Dewhurst was the next one in (22nd) with a time of 13.04 followed by Daniel Smith in 26th place (13.19).

(Ben Livesey)

(Saul Sharp)

(Codie Dewhurst)

(Daniel Smith)

Keira Haxton had a really good run in the U13 Girls race to finish 12th in a time of 13.10 in the sixty seven strong field – the team finishing 8th out of 11 teams competing on the day. Next home was Kate Cookson in 17th place clocking 13.26 with Caroline Woodworth in 39th (14.23) and Isabelle Hartley in 49th with a time of 14.42. Ethan Barbarewicz finished 12th in the U15 Boys race which had thrity nine runners, posting a time of 16.12.

(Keira Haxton)

(Kate Cookson)

(Caroline Woodworth)

(Isabelle Hartley)

Sportshall – Sunday 4th November

Last weekend it was the turn of the Harriers youngsters to compete – in the first Sportshall competition of this years 2018 – 2019 season and they did pretty well with Eleesha Charnley winning the Athlete of the Match at the Blackpool competition and Alisha Lehner U11 Girls Athlete of the Match.

Competing for the U11 Girls were — Alesha Hindle, Alisha Lehner, Annabelle Logan, Brooke Szatchowski, Charley Capstick, Charlotte Sousa, Demi Casey, Emelia Stockton, Evie Fort, Hannah Davies, Imogen Robinson, Leah Walker, Lulu Sharp, Poppie Turner….for the U13 Girls were Isabelle Hartley and Uma Mcgoy and U15 Girls — Eleesha Charnley, Holly Sousa and Myah Booth“.

Lindsay Davies – Girls Team Manager commented on the day telling us that it was a “Great day and a lot of our athletes doing it for the 1st time, quite a few tears at the beginning due to nerves but once they all got competing together they all started having fun. New to Sportshall little pocket rocket Demi Casey was very enthusiastic, asking me every two minutes “when am I next on”. So proud of my girls, they really put the effort in. Alisha Lehner was crowned U11 girls athlete of the match with a great performance of two 1st places in her events.

Eleesha Charnley was also crowned athlete of the match in the U15’s.  Fantastic U15 Relays team with Eleesha and Myah Booth romping it home, Myah and Eleesha stormed to victory with a huge lead. U13’s Relays saw Lulu Sharp and Alesha Hindle step up from the under 11’s to join Isabelle Hartley and Uma McGoy, they gave it their all against some tough opposition. There were two under 11 teams. The scoring team was Hannah Davies, Brooke Szatchowski, Imogen Robinson and Alisha Lehner. It was a very fast race and they finished in 2nd place. The non scoring team was Leah Walker, Charley Capstick, Demi Casey and Emelia Stockton, all of these were doing this competition for the first time and they all said they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you to all my girls.

Simon Pollard – Boys Team Manager – was equally happy with the performance of the lads, outlining how it all went. “Two under 15 boys supported the club last Sunday with Hayden Mercer taking best advantage and being awarded athlete of the match for his efforts.  Hayden achieved first place in the 2 lap (not his preferred distance but he fancied giving it a go) with a time of 22.1 seconds.  This was followed up with a 6.94m standing triple jump, again achieving first place and a score of 75 in speed bounce, also gaining first place. Kyle Taylor-Pomfret, in his first outing at Sportshall, achieved second place in the 4 lap with a time of 51.2 seconds, 70 in the speed bounce for 4th place and a leap of 5.94m in the standing triple jump at his first attempt at the event. Hayden and Kyle then teamed up to win the 2x lap relay. A great way to round of the day”

In the Under 13 Boys “Harrison Allcock took a Sunday out of his usual Sunday Football Schedule to support the club achieving 79 in speed bounce for second place, a 24.0 second 2 lap for 4th place and a 1.98m standing long jump for 5th place. Harrison then led out the relay team to compete in the 1 lap relay, supported by 3 of our newer under 11s who did themselves credit”.

(Harrison Allcock)

In the U11 Boys “A number of them were making their debuts for the club at this event, having recently joined the Sportshall team. Team spirit was high, as was the level of effort displayed on the day. Finlay Carroll achieved a time 15.0 seconds in the high stepper and a standing long jump of 1.40m.  This was followed by a time of 26.8 secs in the 2 lap and a score of 7 in target throw. Jack Duxbury, making his debut, achieved a score of 30 in speed bounce, a time of 14.5 seconds in the 1 lap, a standing long jump of 1.40m and a distance of 3.50m in the chest push.  All of these are PBs for Jack so he has times and targets to aim to beat at the next meeting. Kingston Turner achieved 48 in the speed bounce, a height of 39cm in the vertical jump, a score of 4 in target throw and 13.4 secs in the 1 lap. Mason Bowman started with scoring 45 in speed bounce, a time of 13.0 seconds in the 1 lap ((9th place), followed by a standing long jump of 1.66m and a chest push of 4.25 m. Matthew Smith, coming off a great outdoor season achieved 5th place in speed bounce with a score of 52 (without the distraction of an officials whistle in the one lap his score would have been higher), followed by a standing long jump of 1.82m for 7th place.  This he then followed with a 2 lap time of 25.1 seconds and a chest push distance of 6.25m gaining him 2nd place in this event……………………….

(Jean Hoyle officiating at Sportshall)  

……………”Rohan McGoay, another sportshall debutant kicked off his season with 31 in speed bounce followed by a height of 24cm in the vertical jump.  In the 2 lap Rohan achieved a score of 27.9 second and he rounded off with a 3.0m chest push. Sam Craven achieved 42 in speed bounce and a height of 30cm in the vertical jump, a distance of 4.0m in chest push and a time of 30.2 seconds in the 2-lap. Debutant Tom Hunt completed the high stepper in 17.6 seconds, gained a height of 25cm in the vertical jump, achieved a score of 4 in target throw and completed the 2 lap in 30.5 seconds.  Tom now has markers to beat in the forthcoming meets in December and January”………………The Under 11s relay team, consisting of Finlay Carroll, Kingston Turner, Matthew Smith and Mason Bowman competed strongly and special mentions should be made of Jack Duxbury, Sam Craven and Rohan McGoay who all stepped up to support Harrison Allcock in the under 13s relay. High levels of commitment, behaviour and team spirit made a great day of action with more to come in future sportshall meets”.

Short Circuit Ultra – November 2nd

This is a 33 mile long race organised by Pink Panther Ultra Marathon Events who specilaise in these types of Endurance running races.

Basic Route Details: Starting in Otley the route goes straight up the steps to Surprise View at the top of the Chevin it then heads over to Bramhope then Cookridge. Then around the runway of Leeds Bradford Airport (outside the fence!) Over to Yeadon Tarn then Guiseley Woods, up to Hawksworth, then Menston up onto the moors towards Ilkley and the famous Cow and Calf Rocks, down through Ben Rhydding and up to Timble then across to Norwood along the beautiful Lindley Wood Reservoir through Leathley to the finish at Pool-in-Wharfedale.

Gary Pearse and Jonathan Bridge have embarked on a new stage of their endurance careers, taking on this 33 mile race. The Race featured ninety two finishers, with the winning time for Alastair Murray 4hrs 45.42. Gary and Jonathan – both V50’s – did really well at their first attempt finishing in joint 20th place with times of 6hr 01.19 – only the first five runners actually broke 5 hours.

Race Results

After the Race Gary told the Club that “Had the idea that getting ever slower may as well try the challenge of going further so an ultramarathon at relatively short notice was entered and coerced Jonathan in joining me post his Amsterdam Marathon. The unaptly named Short Circuit around the hills/tracks/roads/fields/moors surrounding Otley and Ilkley. 33miles/53km with over 4000 feet of climb, completed in a time of 6.01 as we finished together joint 20th. The bonus of a couple of vet prizes made for a memorable day. Never eaten or drunk so much in a race in what was an exceptionally well organised event. Next up the the Tour of Pendle if legs allow!”

Trossachs Night Trail Series 2018/19

Each race will follow forest trails and fire roads in the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, courses will be marked with reflective tape and head torches are mandatory. In the event of bad weather the race may be cancelled or the route changed.

Helen Leigh is back – who would have doubted it, and what a race to come back in as she told the Club Did a race George!! Hips held together (kind of) and smashed the race. Was 2nd lady and only by a few secs, 30th overall so nice to have a blast out and felt pretty strong considering”.

Results Page

Finally Paul Wilkinson and David Morris had a run out in the Through The Villages Race recenlty with Paul placing 212th out of 360 finishers in a time of 75.00 and David 333rd in 92.31.


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George Kirby R.I.P. April 13th 1923 – November 8th 2018

Blackburn Harriers & AC are deeply saddened to report the death on Thursday 8th November 2018 of George Kirby aged 95.   It would not be an over estimation of George to say that he, more than anyone, had more influence on the sport of athletics in the Lancashire area and beyond than almost anybody since the end of the Second World War.

Having served in the RAF as a bomber pilot George returned to teaching in the Blackburn area and very soon became involved in the resurgence of Blackburn Harriers after the war.  He enthusiastically argued for the laying of the athletics track at Witton Park which was opened in 1958 and in the following 60 years became an integral part of everything that was Blackburn Harriers as President, Chairman, coach and official.

During that time he graduated into regional and then national athletics.  He became a senior AAA coach and Grade 1 Judge and was an international field events official and referee.  In 1975 he was appointed coach to the Great Britain Athletics Team in addition to being a AAA Northern Staff coach for the discus.  He was frequently seen on television both as a judge and an official at international, European and national championships.

In the 1960’s he was instrumental in arranging extremely popular invitation events at Witton Park to which many international athletes came, including Derek Ibbotson, Bruce Tulloh, Ron Hill, Barrie Kelly, Dorothy Hyman and Mary Peters.  He ensured that Witton Park became the venue for Northern Cross Country Championships, National Women’s Cross Country Championships and the Women’s International Cross Country Championships.

George held numerous offices in the British Athletics League and was one of the founder members who set up the league being official’s secretary for many years.  He was an athletics correspondent for the Lancashire Evening Telegraph for more than a quarter of a century and was the person to go to if any information on the history of local athletics or national athletics was needed.

He remained actively interested in athletics right up to the end of his life, including this year attending a Northern League fixture at Witton Park.  He had been President of the Club for many years, President of Lancashire Athletic Association as well as being Chairman of the Northern Counties Officials Association.  He was particularly proud to see the club have three Olympians in 2012 and 2016 including a bronze medal in Rio for Sophie Hitchon in one of his favourite events.

The Club and athletics in general were blessed when George came along all those years ago to play a part in our sport and in particular to put all his energies into ensuring it was enjoyed by so many people over so many years.  He will be sadly missed and our thoughts go to his wife Marion and his family at this sad time.

Funeral details will be announced in due course.

Tony Wood


Blackburn Harriers


(George being honoured by the Mayor of Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council at the naming of the new George Kirby Stand at Witton Park Arena)

(George with Blackburn Harriers Chairman Tony Wood at the naming of the new George Kirby Stand at Witton Park Arena)

(The George Kirby Stand)


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National Cross Country Relays with the Harriers (Jess runs 2nd fastest Leg of the day) – New 10k PB’s for Ben, Jacob and Calum at Abbey Dash – Top Ten for Paul in Leicesteshire 10k – Can you support Ryan

Windy but very dry conditions for this years National Cross Country Relays held at Mansfield at the weekend which featured some greating racing and competition amongst all the age groups.

First up for the Harriers were the U13 Boys race in which the Club had three teams entered in a field totalling eighty eight teams with another eighteeen part teams. The lads did really well finishing in 22nd, 43rd and 66th positions and for a number of the youngsters, this was their first taste of Championship competition, acquiting themselves in the best possible way by giving it everything they had.


(Back Row – Isaac Butler – Theo Watson – Dexta Thompson – Daniel Smith – Sauls Sharp – Photobomber – Front Row – Oliver Gill – Codie Dewhurst – Jonathan Brindle)

The ‘A’ Team of Dexta Thompson Jonathan BrindleIsaac Butler finished in 22nd spot with Dexta running the fastest leg of the team in 7.12 to hand over to Jonathan in 17th place. Jonathan ran a time of 8.10 to pass on to Isaac on the final Leg in 42nd place. Isaac had a cracking Leg as he clocking 7.15, pulling back twenty places.

Our ‘B’ Team which had Ben Livesey, Codie Dewhurst and Theo Watson saw Ben lead off on leg (1) in a good time of 7.53 to hand over to Codie in 73rd place who ran a solid time of 8.05 – pulling back fifteen places, bringing the lads back to 58th place. Theo ran the final Leg, running the fastest time of the team (7.26) – also winning back fifteeen places – to bring them home in 43rd.

The ‘C’ Team had Daniel Smith on Leg (1), Oliver Gill on Leg (2) and  Saul Sharp on Leg (3). Consistent running by the lads saw them produce times which only had them separated by twelve seconds. Daniel lead off with a clocking of 8.24 to hand over to Oliver on Leg (2) in 101st. Oliver ran a time of 8.11 – the fastest of the team – to win back a massive twenty three places as he handed over to Saul on Leg (3) in 78th. Saul continued clawaing back places for the team winning another twelve places with a time of 8.13.

In the Senior Women’s Race the Harriers had one full team and a part team featuring Katie Buckingham, Ellen Sagar-Hesketh, Jess Judd and Lindsay Davies. Katie led off on the first Leg – the ‘Race’ – clocking a solid time of 11.18 to come home in 55th place. Ellen then took on Leg (2) pulling back eight places as she ran a time of 11.57 to hand over to Jess on Leg (3) in 47th position. Jess absolutely ‘flew’ on the final Leg as she ran the second fastest Leg of the day in 9.23 and picked off another twenty two places to bring the team home in 22nd position overall out of a field of one hundred and sixteen full teams. Lindsay ran the first Leg for the ‘B’  incomplete Team and had a good run to finish three minutes faster than she clocked for the same race last year (13.21).

Senior Women RESULTS

In the Men’s Senior Race – featuring one hundred and fifty three complete teams – the Harriers were one short of completing two teams. The ‘A’ Team consisted of Tim Raynes, Jack Hindle, Chris Davies and Ben Fish whilst the ‘B’ had Dominic Walton, John Chaplin and Paul Guinan.

Senior Men RESULTS

(L-R – Tim Raynes – Chris Davies – Ben Fish – John Chaplin – Jack Hindle – Paul Guinan – Dominic Walton)

Tim led off for the ‘A’ Team clocking a very good time of 16.08 on the first Leg to come in home in 42nd place. Jack was on Leg (2) and held that place as he ran a time of 16.52 handing over to Chris on Leg (3). Chris ran a time of 17.25 to come home in 43rd spot as he in turn, handed over to Ben on the final Leg. Ben ran the fastest time of the team (16.04) to win back ten places and in the process ensuring that the Harriers were the first Lancashire Team on the day.

Dominic – an 800m speclialist – was running his first race for the Harriers as part of the ‘B’ Team which was incomplete and ran a very solid time of 16.56 on Leg (1). John (V65) ran Leg (2) in a time of 21.19 before Paul clocked 18.38 on Leg (3).

Abbey Dash 10k – Sunday November 4th

Three Blackburn Harriers entered this race with a view to breaking their previous best times over 10k – and they all did just that.

What a great day for Ben Costello at the Abbey Dash which saw him smash his 10k personal best by over three quarters of a minute which is a massive improvement. Understandably elated with his performance, Ben spoke to the Harriers after the Race telling us that he was Absolutely over the moon with a PB today…7 weeks ago coming back from injury i didnt think i would get close to one.the last few weeks of training given me belief and i was hitting times in training ive never hit before.the conditions for the race was as good as they could be really.the target time was 32.50 i set off at that pace but i felt i could push in the middle of the race and i did.i went through 5 mile in under 26 mins so i knew i was on for a PB.The target at start of year was to break 33 min and i managed it in my last 10k of the year.would like to say massive thanks to all the coaches down at blackburn and everyone of the athletes that have been clipping away at my heels over the past few weeks that have pushed me to my limits and beyond”.

Next up for a new PB by six seconds came Jacob Watson who told us that it feels good to be running back at my best”. Having run times of of 33.37 at Wigan and 33.59 at the Burnley Fire 10k in September, it was clear that Jacob was ready to revise his personal best and he did just that in the Abbery Dash to clock 33.08 and a whisker away from breaking into the 32 minute mark.

A happy Calum James ran a nine second new PB as he clocked 35.10 in the Race and told the Harriers afterwards that Fair happy to beat my 10k pb by 9 seconds at Leeds Abbey Dash with a time of 35.10, dissapointed not to get a better time as a clocked in a 16.40 5k!! But struggling massively in the last 4k think I’ve learned a lesson not to travel all the way to London and back in the same day the day before a race, but in all fairness really happy to get a Personal Best for 10K, I’ll also like to congratulate my friends Mark,Ryan,Ben,Jacob, Matt and Jon for their outstanding efforts today and also achieving their pbs too. I think everyone I’m currently working with my coach Phil and most importantly the group at Blackburn Harriers are bringing me on massively, Ive only been running since June 2017 and to go from 39 minute 10ks to 34/35s is a massive achievement in a short space of time, I’m very glad and greatful to be running with Blackburn and my next focus is cross country which is every week from now till mid December starting at Bolton this Saturday and also aiming for a pb at Ribble Valley 10k”.

Leicestershire 10k – Sunday October 28th

Paul Bradshaw was one of seven hundred and twenty eight runners who completed this Race organised by Run Through. Nick Samuels ran out as the winner in a time of 32.34. Paul bagged a top ten place for himself (10th) clocking 36.22.

Race Results

Can you sponsor Ryan

Blackburn Harrier – Ryan Walmsley – has undertaken a massive feat of committment and endurance as he embarked on a year long campaign – starting on January 1st 2018 – to raise money for Derian House. His quest to raise the maximum amount of money was to run every single day of the year!!!

Hear we are in November and he has completed every day up until now and is determined to carry on and complete it. Eleven months into his challenge and Ryan has smashed his target, raising £1,346 so far, and even throwing in the odd competitive race for 💚Team Derian.

Ryan said: “There is something about Derian that brings out a determination and commitment that I struggle to find myself. Please donate generously, I promise you every donation goes a long way.”

If you would like to support Ryan you can do so by donating via this Link: