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Harriers Win Match 2 In Northern League Division One – Holly Pole Vaulting in Rabat – Tom Runs Settle Hills

Northern League Division One – Wigan Sunday June 16th

After winning the first Match of the season at Witton Park by just 21 points from Team I.O.M in 2nd place, the Harriers knew they would be in for another tough match at Wigan, which is what happened after another battle with Isle of Man and only finally resolved with the last events of the day in the Relays – with the Harriers edging it by just six points. On the eve of the match we had a number of late withdrawals which looked like it might have an impact on the final result, but fortunately, the team was able to cope with the unexpected losses.

The competition is extremely close in Division One with six points separating 1st and 2nd and six points separating 3rd and 4th places on the day – all of which makes for exciting athletics.

The wind was a huge factor on the day with sprinters running into minus 3 and 4 headwind and middle distance athletes getting a clobbering too, so fast times went out the window, with races being run more tactically than would normally be the case. An example of this was the Men’s 1500m where the whole field virutally, were together at the bell which meant it was a one lap burn up into the wind. Marc Hartley and Matt Ramsden, who was making his debut in the Senior League were the two who took this on with Marc coming 3rd in 4.12.9 and Matt 2nd in the ‘B’ with a time of 4.14.9. Marc was given the same time as 2nd place as he he strained every last sinnew to push past on the inside lane. Great experience for Matt too as he was just outside his outdoor 1500m personal best in a type of race he hadn’t been involved with previously.

Marc Hartley (1) – Matt Ramsden (11)

Matt Ramsden (11) – Marc Hartley (1)

Same too in the 800m with Dominic Walton giving it everything alongside Morrison from West Cheshire all the way up the home straight – Dominic edging it with both athletes given the same time of 1.54.4 and Joe Gebbie running fabulously to kick from 150m out and come home a confortable winner of the ‘B’ race in 2.04.3. Great points were won in the 400m with Dominic Walton taking 2nd spot in the ‘A’ (51.9) and Paul Bradshaw, after pacing at Loughborough the night before, winning the ‘B’ in 52.7.

Dominic Walton (1) 800mJoe Gebbie (11) 800mDominic Walton (1) 400mPaul Bradshaw (11) 400m

Ben Fish and Jack Hindle were back together for the 5000m with Ben coming home a comfortable winner in 15.18 and that, after running 14.54 at the Podium on Friday night. Jack who has been affected by an injury is feeling his way back and delivered a great result, winning the ‘B’ in 16.32.8. The 3000m Steeplechase delivered more good points as Chris Davies, who had also run a 5k PB at the Podium on Friday night came home in 3rd spot in the ‘A’ with 10.50.2 and Nicholas Smith – just 40 minutes after winning the ‘B’ 400m Hurdles, won the ‘B’ Steeplechase in 11.24.1.

Jack Hindle (11) – Ben Fish (1)Ben Fish (1) 5000m Jack Hindle (11) 5000m

Nick Smith (11) – Chris Davies (1)Chris Davies (1) Nick Smith (11)

In the Women’s 400m – Charlie Coy and Eleesha Charnley paired up with Charlie clcoking 63.2 in 5th and Eleesha running 64.7 in the ‘B’. Ellen Sagar-Hesketh and Eleesha Charnley were the pair in the 800m with Ellen putting in a strong finish to come 3rd (2.26.7) and Eleesha with the same, pulling away to win the ‘B’ in 2.27.6 and given the wind, not bad times at all.

Charlie Coy (1) 400mEleesha Charnley (11) 400m

Eleesha Charnley (1) – Ellen Sagar-Hesketh (11) 800m

Because of the withdrawals from the Women’s team, Annabel Ralph and Ellen Sagar-Hesketh doubled up with Annabel running from the front literally into the wind, to win the ‘A’ 3000m in 10.56.3 and clock 5.12.1 (5th) in the 1500m – Ellen doubled up in the 800/1500m and clocked 5.26.2 in 4th spot in the ‘B’.

Ellen Sagar-Hesketh (1) Annabel Ralph (11)

Annabel Ralph leading in the 3000mAnnabel Ralph (1) – Ellen Sagar-Hesketh (11) 1500m

The Throws squad delivered again, as they continually do, making such a great contribution to the teams performances and final rresults. Charlotte Williams – recently selected for GB – was up against a very good hammer thrower from Wigan but won the contest, throwing 60.31m to the 2nd place 58.07 with Emily Taberner placing 6th in the ‘B’ (19.28m). Anna Peers and Millie Coy are a fantastic pairing in the Javelin and in this latest fixture Anna won the ‘A’ with a seasons best 38.38m with Millie placing 2nd in the ‘B’ another seasons best throw of 31.26m. More points won and this time in the Discus with Anna placing 3rd (35.58m) and in the Shot where she placed 5th (10.29m) with Emily Taberner coming 4th in the ‘B’ (8.26m).

Charlotte WilliamsEmily TabernerAnna Peers Millie Coy

Tony Balko and Anthony Kent are another great team who work really well together in the Men’s Throws. In the Hammer there were two 2nd spots for us with Anthony in the ‘A’ (43.74m) and Tony in the ‘B’ (29.09). Onto the Shot and it was a 3rd and 2nd as Anthony came 3rd with (11.40m) and Tony 2nd again in the ‘B’ with 9.67m. The final Throws event for them – the Discus registered two 3rd places – Anthony with 35.04 – just outside his personal best and Tony 29.25m in the ‘B’. The Javelin saw Cameron Harris just pipped by some 30cms into 2nd place with a distance of 47.33m with John Cookson throwing inches short of 30m in 3rd place in the ‘B’ (29.79m).

Anthony Kent Tony BalkoCameron Harris John Cookson

Sprint times were ruined by the wind and some of the sprinters must have looked aghast at the results because of it. Still, races are races, whatever the conditions and it is the same for everyone. Brandon Zinyemba’s blocks slipped at the start of the 100m ‘A’ race which cost him and he came home 3rd in 11.8 – the winner clocking 11.7. Dominic Bretherton ran the ‘B’ not feeling well and finished 4th in 12.1. In the 200m Brandon came 3rd again clocking 23.6 with Kyle Mashiter coming in to replace Dominic and running really well for 23.9 in 3rd place.

Brandon Zinyemba (1) 100mDominic Bretherton (11) 100mBrandon Zinyemba (1) 200m Kyel Mashiter (11) 200mKyle Mashiter (297) Non-Scoring 100m Ben Whittaker (299) Non-Scoring 100m

The Women’s sprinters squad was seriously down with three of them not available and it was left to Imogen Mansfield and Emily Warren who has been recovering from a bad illness to take up the mantle – Imogen clocking 13.7 in 5th in the ‘A’ 100m and Emily 13.9 in the ‘B’ (5th). In the 200m it was Emily again and this time joined by Millie Coy who had earlier fallen in the Hurdles and grazed her knee. Millie still clocked 27.8 in 5th (‘A’) and Emily also 27.8 in the ‘B’ (5th).

Imogen Mansfield (1) 100m Emily Warren (11) 100mEmily Warren (11) 200m Millie Coy (1) 200m

Sisters Charlie and Millie Coy took on the 400m Hurdles where Millie slipped and fell but bravely, still got up to finish to register points for the team and Charlie also placed 3rd in the ‘B’. Good points added in the Men’s Hurdles as Solomon Brown took 3rd in the ‘A’ 400m Hurdles in 59.5 and Nick Smith won the ‘B’ in 63.1; And in the 110m Hurdles, Ben Whittaker kept up his record by winning the ‘A’ into a headwind in 17.4 with John iLunga providing good support in the ‘B’ placing 2nd in 21.3 which was a good result for John who has been wrestling with an injury now for quite a while.

Millie Coy (1) ‘flying’ in the 400m Hurdles Charlie Coy – 400m HurdlesSolomon Brown (1) 400m Hurdles Nick Smith (11) 400m HurdlesBen Whittaker (1) 110m Hurdles John iLunga (11) 110m Hurdles.

Joe Pearse was in action again over the High Jump after winning the first Match with a 1.90m clearance, Joe added another 5cms to win the ‘A’ again with a clearance of 1.95m with two good High Jumpers from the Isle of Man posting jumps of 1.80m and 1.85m. John iLunga gave us more invaluable points clearing 1.60m in the ‘B’ for 3rd place. Jonathan Gough is on a good streak at the moment, braking through the 13m barrier in the Triple jump recently, he came 3rd today in the ‘A’ with a leap of 12.93 and just 30cms off the winner and then broke through the 6m barrier in the Long Jump twice, placing 3rd in the ‘A’ with 6.09m having already jumped 6.01m. Ben Branton had a good last jump in the ‘B’ Long Jump to win 2nd place in the ‘B’ with 5.77m as Nick Smith – already having won two ‘B’ events – placed 3rd in the ‘B’ Triple Jump with 10.47m.

Joe Pearse with his ‘high jump shorts’

John iLunga saying to Harriers Officials Dave Kent and Nikki Hartley ‘how about that then’Jonathan Gough – breaking through the 6m barrier in long jump Ben Branton Long Jump

The Pole Vault saw Poppy Mae Preece who has only just started athletics over the last couple of months, set a new PB height of 1.90m in the Pole Vault to take a valuable 3rd place in the ‘A’. Paul Bradshaw also set a new PB of 2.50m to place 4th in the ‘A’ where the winner – Chris Lamb – posted a very good height of 4.60m.

Poppy Mae Preece

Paul Bradshaw

Liberty Thompson who isn’t a Long Jumper stepped forward to help out and jumped 3.93m to take 6th place and gain a couple of points and then cleared 1.45m in the ‘A’ High Jump in 4th place. It was then Imogen Mansfields turn to help out in the ‘B’ High Jump, which isn’t her speciality and won some points by getting over 1.15m (4th) in the ‘B’. Ellen Sagar-Hesketh who has done Triple Jump three times in the last two years, took on the ‘A’ and jumped 9.62m in 5th place with Eleesha Charnley, who has only ever done it once before also finished 5th in the ‘B’ with 8.31m which was 10cm further than her only other jump in the event – great team spirit by these young athletes in filling in.

Imogen Mansfield Liberty Thompson

Liberty Thompson

Ellen Sagar-Hesketh Triple Jump

The Women’s squads for the both Relays were severely depleted but that team spirit came out to make sure teams were entered in both – the 4 x 100m – (Mansfield – Thompson – Millie Coy – Warren) – ending with a 5th place in 54.20 and the 4 x 400m – (Charlie Coy – Ralph – Charnley – Sagar-Hsketh) – resulting in a 4th place in 4.29.2. The Men’s Relay Teams shone – winning both Relays for maximum points. The Club Record for the Senior Men’s 4 x 100m is 43.1 and was set in a BAL Match in 1971 (Swansea). The team – (Brown – Breetherton – Mashiter – Zinyemba) – ran 44.9 on the day in winning and although quite a stretch, there is little doubt that in good conditions, this time could come closer to the record before the end of the season.

L-R Kyle Mashiter – Dom Bretherton – Brandon Zinyemba – Sol Brown

The Men’s 400m team – (Marchant – Gebbie – Walton – Bradshaw) – won by four seconds, clocking 3.28.2. James Marchant hasn’t raced since July 2018 because of an ongoing injury, so this was a test, which he duly delivered on, holding off the other teams to hand over to Joe Gebbie who was momentarily overtaken before he came back with a real drive in the home straight to hand over to Dominic Walton on Leg 3, powering round to give Paul Bradshaw a lead which he maintained and extended to lead the team home in a win by nearly four seconds.

L-R – Joe Gebbie – Dom Walton – Paul Bradshaw – James Marchant

Diamond League – Rabat Sunday June 16th

Holly Bradshaw was in Morocco at the weekend for the Diamond League fixture among a top clas field of Pole Vaulters including among others –  Sandi Morris, Anzhelika, Kaie Nageotte, Katerina Stafanidi, Yarisley Silva.


The competition was won by Sandi Morris with a clearance of 4.82 and Holly placed 9th overall with 4.57m.

Settle Hills fell Race – Sunday June 16th

Over a hundred and fifty runners in this race, won by Matlock AC’s Danny Haworth in a time of 48.38 with Hattie Archer (Hallamshire) winning the Women’s Race in 10th place overall, clocking 54.19.


Blackburn Harrier Tom Marchant had a very good run to come home in 16th spot with a time of 56.44.

Tom Marchant (7) just behind Woman’s Race Winner hattie Archer