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Harriers in UKYDL at Bebington – Charlotte & Sam at National T & F Championships – Gold & Silver for Tony at Northern Masters T & F Championships – 1st & 2nd for Vicci and Sam at Crazy Cow 10k – 7 new PB’s for Rory & Liberty at North West Combined Championships – Sisters doing it for themselves

UKYDL (Lower Age Group) – Bebington Saturday June 22nd

It was a glorious day down at Bebington in the final fixture before the Regional Final and Relegation Matches determine the outcome of the Promotions and Relegations from the Premier League. The Harriers who have had two great years with back to back Division title wins in Division 2 (2017) and Division 1 (2018) knew they would struggle this year in the Premier League having lost so many of the athletes to the Upper Age Group for 2019. Overall, the team finished in 6th place in the 7 Club Division and now go to Sheffield on July 20th to see if they can retain their place in the Premier League for the second year running. Our last fixture had quite a number of late withdrawals and some on the day due to injury and it was a pleasure to see so many of the youngsters having a go to try and earn as many points as possible by filling empty slots – Great Team spirit.

Harriers enjoying the sun

Track Judges giving their time for free

U13 Girls

Niamh Gater and Sophie Gibson kicked off the programme in the Sprints for the U13 Girls by placing 6th in the 75m ‘A’ and 5th ‘B’ respectively with times of 11.3 and 11.2 alongside Lucy Rishton also running 11.3 in the non-scoring 75m. Lucy Rishton (23.2) in the ‘B’ teamed up with Amelia Burton (22.4) in the ‘A’ 150m Sprint – both finishing 7th. Eve Coulson who missed the Team Coach still got herself driven down to Bebington to make sure she was there to compete for the team and her commitment was rewarded with a new PB by three seconds in the ‘A’ 800m (2.47.7) with Kady Thompson, another youngster running the 800m just for the points and clocking 3.08.3 in the ‘B’. Amelia Burton then paired with Imogen Robinson in the 1200m which saw Amelia clock 4.22.7 in the ‘A’ (6th) for an event that she has never run before as she isn’t a middle distance runner with Imogen running a time of 4.24.9 in 3rd place in the ‘B’ and again, a distance she has previously never run.

                       Niamh Gater 75m                                                       Sophie Gibson 75m

                       Lucy Rishton 150m                                                    Amelia Burton 150m

                      Eve Coulson 800m                                                     Kady Thompson 800m

                     Amelia Burton 1200m                                                 Imogen Robinson 1200m

Amelia Burton once again teamed with Niamh Gater in the 75m Hurdles with Amelia placing 5th in the ‘A’ (12.8) and Niamh 4th in the ‘B’ with a time of 13.6 – Niamh then went and jumped 3.56m in the ‘A’ Long Jump (7th) with Imogen jumping 3.38 in the ‘B’ (6th). Imogen went over to the High Jump and equaled her personal best of 1.20m in the ‘B’ (3rd) as Kady Thompson cleared the same height in the ‘A’ for 5th spot.

                            Amelia Burton                                                             Niamh Gater

                          Niamh Gater                                                               Imogen Robinson

                        Imogen Robinson                                                       Kady Thompson

Tilly Pollard and Madison Bontoft took good points in the Shot Putt, both placing 2nd in the ‘A’ and ‘B’ with 7.76m and 6.18m throws respectively. Kady Thompson joined Madison in the Javelin which saw Kady go 5th in the ‘A’ with a new PB throw of 15.71m and Madison finish 2nd in the ‘B’ with 14.87m. The 4 x 100m Relay team of Imogen Robinson, Lucy Rishton, Sophie Gibson and Niamh Gater finished 7th in a time of 59.2

                        Kady Thompson                                                         Madison Bontoft

Lucy Rishton to Sophie Gibson

U13 Boys

Harrison Allcock and Daniel Nuttall went in the U13 Boys 100m with Harrison clocking 13.9 for 5th in the ‘A’ and Daniel 14.1 in the ‘B’ (3rd) with Oliver Gill running 15.6 in the non-scoring 100m. Harrison then joined up with Ben Livesey in the 200m with Harrison running 28.4 (4th) in the ‘A’ and Ben 2nd in the ‘B’ with a time of 29.0. Harry Sambrook and George Ramsden were the pairing in the 800m – Harry running 2.41.4 in the ‘A’ (5th) and George 2.44.6 in the ‘B’ also 5th.

                       Harrison Allcock 100m                                               Daniel Nuttall 100m

                  Oliver Gill Non-Scoring 100m                                     Harrison Allcock 200m

                    Ben Livesey 200m                                                      Harry Sambrook 800m

                                                        George Ramsden 800m

The 1500m was run in warm weather for sure and it had an impact on many of the athletes – not a day not to drink regularly! Ben Stratton came home in 2nd place in the ‘A’ a time of 4.55.1 as Oliver Gill took 3rd spot in the ‘B’ clocking 5.21.2.

Oliver Gill (11) – Ben Stratton (1)

In the 75m Hurdles Daniel Smith ran 14.2 in 4th in the ‘A’ Race (4th) as George Ramsden ran 16.5 in the ‘B’ race (6th) – sprinter Daniel Nuttall grabbed himself a new Long Jump PB of 4.16m, placing 4th in the ‘A’ with Daniel Smith in 6th in the ‘B’ (3.51m). Daniel then just missed out on equaling his High Jump personal best – clearing 1.40m (3rd) in the ‘A’ as Oliver Gill took 2nd spot in the ‘B’ with 1.30m which did equal his former previous best in the event. Harrison Allcock and Toby Mansfield took on the Shot Putt with Harrison placing 6th in the ‘A’ (6.37m) and Toby also 6th in the ‘B’ with 5.37m. In the final field event of the day – Javelin – Toby threw 17.43m (7th) in the ‘A’ as George Ramsden again, like others, just filled in events they don’t do, also placed 7th in the ‘B’ with 9.01m.

                           Daniel Smith                                                               George Ramsden

                          Daniel Smith                                                               Oliver Gill

Toby Mansfield

The 4 x 100m – Harrison AllcockOliver GillBen StrattonDaniel Nuttall – was a mixed bunch with two spinters and two endurance runners, but they made a great effort to win points finishing 4th of the seven teams in a time of 57.3.

Ben Stratton to Harrison Allcock

U15 Girls

A shortage of sprinters on the day meant we could only field one athlete in the 100m – Rachael Jesse – who is in her first season of competitive athletics and she ran well to clock 13.7 in the ‘A’ Race. Rachael stepped up again in the ‘A’ 200m clocking 28.5 in 6th as middle distance runner – Keira Haxton ran the ‘B’ in 30.8 (7th). Kate Cookson and Keira Booth teamed up to run the 300m with Kate running 47.1 in the ‘A’ (7th) and Keira Booth 49.8 in the ‘B’ (6th) in an event she has never run before. Kate then went in the ‘A’ 800m and knocked three seconds off her previous best to set a new PB time of 2.29.6 in 7th as Eleanor Allsop – who had to be moved from the non-scoring – ran 2.44.3 in the ‘B’ (7th) as Kiera Booth ran a time of 2.41.6 in the non-scoring race – a new PB by well over three seconds. Abigail Stratton and Keira Haxton were the pairing in the 1500m which saw Abigail run 5.09.6 in 6th spot in the ‘A’ and Keira place 2nd in the ‘B’ with a time of 5.16.7 and new PB by just over two seconds.

                         Rachael Jesse 100m                                                 Rachael Jesse 200m

                        Keira Haxton 200m                                                  Kate Cookson 300m

                       Kiera Booth 300m                                                       Kate Cookson 800m

               Eleanor Allsop 800m                                                Kiera Booth Non-Scoring 800m

                 Abigail Stratton 1500m                                             Keira Haxton 1500m

Lucy Ramsden ran a time of 13.7 in 75m Hurdles to come home 6th which was also a new PB by three tenths whilst Rachael Jesse – making her debut over the hurdles – clocked 13.3 in the ‘B’ for 3rd position.

Lucy Ramsden

Rachael Jesse (11)

The team was also missing its Long Jumpers so Keira Haxton who has never jumped into sand before reached a distance of 2.76m in the ‘A’ to register a point for the team – in the High Jump, Kate Cookson and Kiera Booth were the two athletes representing the Club with Kate clearing 1.35m in the ‘A’ (5th) and Kiera 1.25m in the ‘B’ (=4th) an amazing result given that neither athlete had ever gone over the high jump bar prior to this Match.

Keira Haxton

Caroline Woodworth and Grace Bontoft took on the Shot Putt which had Caroline in 7th in the ‘A’ (7.38m) and Grace 5th in the ‘B’ also with a throw of 7.38m. Caroline then set a new PB in the Discus by half a metre in the ‘A’ with 16.95m (7th) and then set a second new PB in the Javelin ‘B’ with 24.20m (2nd). Grace Bontoft placed 4th in the ‘A’ Hammer with a distance of 27.45m with Nicky Saunders throwing 24.94m for 2nd place in the ‘A’ Javelin.

Caroline Woodworth Discus Nicky Saunders Discus

Caroline Woodworth JavelinNicky Saunders Javelin

Shortage of sprinters meant no 4 x 100m Relay Team as the 4 x 300m team of Abigail StrattonKeira HaxtonCaroline WoodworthKate Cookson finished 6th in 3.14.2.

Abigail Stratton

U15 Boys

The U15 Boys were missing a number of athletes which meant that Ben Boocock moved to the ‘A’ in the 100m and 80m Hurdles placing 7th in the 100m with 12.5 backed up by Samuel Mutombo in the ‘B’ with a time of 13.2 – in only his second ever race in compettion. Ben went on to win the 80m Hurdles in 12.1 with Codie Dewhurst, willing as ever, running 17.1 in the ‘B’ for 3rd place points. Jack Paget-Fowler took on the 200m clocking 29.0 in the ‘A’ (7th) whilst Zachary Walmsley  ran 25.8 in 5th spot in the ‘B’ race. On a bit more familiar territory, Zachary Walmsley ran 40.7 in 4th place in the 300m ‘A’ race whilst Theo Watson clocked 43.1 in the ‘B’ (7th) – only the second time he has covered the distance on competition and bagging himself a new PB by nearly 3 seconds.

                       Ben Boocock 100m                                                     Samuel Mutombo 100m

                           Ben Boocock                                                              Codie Dewhurst

                    Zach Walmsley 200m                                                 Jack Paget-Fowler 200m

                          Zach Walmsley 300m                                                 Theo Watson 300m

The 800m saw Elliot Savage blast off to run a Grade 1 2.01.7 in the ‘A’ race where Hayden Mercer finished in 2nd spot (2.11.0) with Jack Paget-Fowler running another new PB in the ‘B’ race by a full four seconds (2.28.3) in 7th spot.  Kyle Taylor-Pomfret ran a new PB of 4.47.5 in the ‘A’ 1500 which was just a tenth faster than his best leading up to the race with Dexta Thompson running a strong last lap to run 4.53.3 in the ‘B’ (5th).

      Hayden Mercer 800m                                                 Jack Paget-Fowler 800m

                    Kyle Taylor-Pomfret 1500m                                          Dexta Thompson 1500m

In the Long Jump Samuel Mutombo and Theo Watson paired up – Samuel jumping 4.48m in the ‘A’ (7th) supported by Theo in the ‘B’ with a distance of 4.43m in 5th. Codie Dewhurst cleared a new PB in the ‘A’ High Jump (1.35m) in 6th as Dexta Thompson placed 5th in the ‘B’ with 1.25m – a new PB by 15cms in an event that he has done only once before, in 2018. Hayden Mercer added another new PB of 10cms to his Pole Vault record, clearing 2.30m in the ‘A’ for 2nd place. Jack Paget-Fowler and Zachary Walmsley filled in for the team in the Shot Putt having never thrown in competition ever before – Jack throwing 7.06m in the ‘A’ (7th) and Zachary 5.76m in the ‘B’ (4th). The Discus saw Kyle Taylor-Pomfret just miss a personal best throwing 21.43m in the ‘A’ (5th) with Codie Dewhurst, throwing for only the second time ever – 11.17m in the ‘B’ (6th). In the Hammer, Kyle just missed again a new personal best with his ‘A’ distance of 29.58m in 2nd spot and Sebastian Burton also getting good points in the ‘B’ with a 3rd placed throw of 20.47m. The Javelin had Theo Watson an 800m runner throwing  22.40m in his first ever attempt at the discipline in the ‘A’ (4th) with Sebastian Burton throwing a 2 metre new PB in the ‘B’ – 16.64m in 4th spot.

                         Codie Dewhurst                                                          Dexta ThompsonHayden Mercer

           Zach Walmsley & Jack Paget-Fowler SP                          Kyle Taylor-Pomfret Discus

                   Codie Dewhurst Discus                                              Kyel Taylor-Pomfret Hammer

Sebastian Burton Hammer

Our U15 4 x 100m Relay team, again made up of two sprinters and two middle distance runners  – Ben BoocockSamuel MutomboTheo WatsonZachary Walmsley, ran 52.3 in 6th place whilst the 4 x 300m team – Codie DewhurstJack Paget-FowlerDexta ThompsonKyle Taylor-Pomfret came 7th with a time of 3.12.3.

National U20 & U23 Track & Field Championships – Bedford June 22nd & 23rd

Charlotte Williams and Sam Gaskell were both representing Blackburn Harriers at the National Championships with Charlotte competing in both U20 and U23 Hammer Women’s Hammer competitions and Sam the U20 Men’s Hammer.

Charlotte had a fantastic weekend being crowned National Champion and securing automatic entry into the European U20 Championships with a new PB of 62.84m and then went on to finish 4th in the U23 Hammer with a throw of 61.23m – just missing out on another Podium finish as she was in 3rd spot entering the last round.

Sam was among twelve competitors in his Final of the U20 men’s Hammer with his best throw of 61.72m leaving him in 7th spot overall.

Northern Masters Track & Field Championships – Sunday June 23rd


Tony Balko had targeted the Northern Masters Championships as part of his build up to the European Masters Championships this year and came away with one win and a Gold Medal in the Shot Putt (11.10m) and three Silver Medals in Discus (34.82m), Hammer (34.48m) and Javelin (32.76m). Tony told us that he was “Reasonably pleased with the Shot & Javelin, but really disappointed with preferred events of Hammer & Discus, as the distances were well below what I deem acceptable. Didn’t really enjoy the competition, but enjoyed being with the usual chucking suspects. Back to training and to put somethings right”.

Crazy Cow 10k – Sunday June 23rd

This years Crazy Cow 10k race was run on a changed course and rumoured to be tougher than the old one, still managed to attract close to 500 runners on Sunday – hats off too for the Race Winner – V60 Paul Muller who took the win in a time of 37.58.53.


Victoria Mousley won her second race of the week – the first being a win at the Sabden 6 mile last Wednesday – as she clocked a time of 41.06.15 to come home 11th overall. Great to see Sam McCreadie fully recovered from her recent Marathon and a nightmare three years plus of injuries as she showed by coming home in 18th position overall and 2nd Woman on the day in a time of 43.10.77 and afterwards she spoke to the Club about it saying that it was a New course for today’s Crazy Cow 10k and not particularly quick so disappointed with my time but can’t complain with 2nd lady position. First race since the marathon and only second 10k this year so it hurt – a lot! I set off too fast and just had to try and hang on. Great to see Vic there and to represent Harriers again though. Well done to Vic on her first place and great run”.

Victoria Mousley (325) & Sam McCreadie (543)

 ESAA North West Schools’ Combined Events Championships – 22nd & 23rd June

Liberty Thompson and Rory Teare were representing Lancashire at the Combined Events at Crewe over the weekend with both of them posting new personal and seasons bests.


Liberty was competing in the U17 Women’s Heptathlon and was part of the Lancashire Team that won the Bronze Medal. On an individual level, Liberty posted a new PB of 2834 points which was an improvement of 143 over her 2018 total which included a seasons best in the 200m of 31.3, a seasons best of 2.53.7 in the 800m – only the second time she has run the distance this year, a clearance of 1.44m in the High Jump, a Long Jump leap of 3.85m, a Javelin throw of 17.81m and a new PB in the Shot Putt of 8.77m – an improvement by a metre and a half.

Rory posted a points total of 1225 in 2018 and this year boosted that to a new PB of 1678 points to cap off a good weekend for him. In individual events, he ran a new PB by three seconds in the 800m of 2.39.8, won the 80m Hurdles in a new PB time of 13.9 which represented a full second improvement, jumped below par in the High Jump with his 1.47m clearance (his personal best being 1.59m), set a new PB by 14cm in the Long Jump (4.53m), and added nearly half a metre in his Shot Putt for a new PB of 7.02m for a total of five new personal bests over the two days.

Liberty Thompson with the Lancashire Team

And last but by no means least – Blackburn Harriers Field Official Michelle Teare and Northern League Womens Team Manager Jan Buckingham decided to sit down on the job at the weekend and used their bikes to do the 160 mile long Coast to Coast route. Fabulous effort and well done to both of them. After finishing their ride in suitable cycling gear, they changed to the Harriers vests to keep the Blue & White flying!

L-R Jan Buckingham – Michelle Teare