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Harriers Sportshall Squad have a great season taking 3rd place in the League

The Final Fixture of the 2016/17 Sportshall League took place at Stanley Park on Sunday and it went very well for the Harriers which saw the youngsters set an array of PB’s, so many that we lost count – and – two of the Harriers – Isaac Butler and Myah Booth – taking Athlete of the Match on the day.

Overall the Harriers finished 3rd in the League which is a credit to the young athletes, the Sportshall Coaches, Administrators and Volunteers. In terms of the Age Group Team places at the weekend the Girls under 11’s team came 3rd — Girls under 13’s team 4th — Girls under 15’s team 3rd — Boys under 11’s team 2nd — Boys under 13’s team 5th.


(Thanks to John Cookson for all the Photo’s)

Isaac Butler was named ATHLETE OF THE MATCH for the under 11 boys with a great performance from him. In Long Jump he was 1st with 1.98 new PB, he then set a new PB in the Speed Bounce jumping 53, was second in the Javelin with a huge throw of 19.75 also a new PB and ended the day 4th in 3 lap in a new PB time of 39.3.

Myah Booth also won ATHLETE OF THE MATCH for the under 13 girls scoring lots of points for us setting a new PB in 2 lap (24.6), took 1st place in Triple Jump with 6.37, Vertical Jump 49 and set another new PB in Shot Putt with 2nd place 9.81.



The rest of the under 11 boys also performed really well with Harrison Allcock just behind Isaac, jumping 1.82 in the Long Jump in 3rd place, set a new PB with 54 in the Speed Bounce (4th)th set a second new PB in the Sitting Ball throw 5.50 (5th) and took 1st place in the 1 lap (12.3) seconds for his third new PB of the day.  Codie Dewhurst continued the string of new PB’s jumping a new PB of 4.47 in the Triple Jump, Speed Bounce 51, then won his second new PB in the Javelin (12.50) and ran 13.1 in the 1 lap.Thomas Flynn jumped 4.19 in the Triple Jump, Vertical Jump 30, and 1 lap 14.0 whilst new member Alex Galiatsatos jumped 1.72 in the Long Jump, Vertical Jump 34 and set new PB’s in the Sitting Ball throw (5.25) and in the 1 lap his time of 12.9  earned him another new PB.


Three more PB’s were set when Samuel King jumped 4.88 in Triple Jump, in the Speed Bounce 41, threw a new PB in the Javelin (15.25) and in the 1 lap ran 14.0 – Jack Probert took new personal bests in the Vertical Jump 30 and set two new PB’s and also in the 1 lap (14.9). Six more personal bests were set by the Boys with Saul Sharp jumping 1.78 for 4th place in the Long Jump (PB), set a new PB in Vertical Jump 45 in 3rd spot and his 1 lap 13.1 was also a new PB. Harry Thomas jumped 1.38 in the Long Jump, Speed Bounce 53 for a new PB followed by his 1 lap time of 14.3. Matthew Smith posted a new personal best of 1.60 in the Long Jump, in the Sitting Ball he threw 5.00, in the Speed Bounce 56 for a new PB and rounded off with a 1 lap time of 13.6. Dexta Thompson set new PB’s in Speed Bounce 52  and in his 1 lap, running a time of 13.4, finishing off with a throw of 14.0 in the Javelin.

P1020700 P1020702 P1020757 P1020762

P1020758 P1020768 P1020759 P1020770

P1020760 P1020707 P1020708 P1020693

In the U11 Girls Hannah Davies had a first time go at the Javelin and threw 11.25, got a new PB in Speed Bounce with 47, ran 13.7 in the 1 lap and added another new PB in the 3 lap with 43.5. Kady Thompson threw 13.00 in the Javelin, reached 1.44 in the Long Jump, 15.0 in the 1 lap and 48.3 in the 3 lap. Tilly Pollard threw 5.75 in the Sitting Ball throw, in Speed Bounce 41, she set a new PB in Long Jump with 1.44 and ran 14.1 in the 1 Lap Race. Charlotte Clapham carried on setting two new PB’s  in the Speed Bounce with 50 and in the Javelin with a throw of 14.00, followed by a Triple Jump 5th place (5.24) and 3 lap  time of 43.7. Two more new PB’s for Olivia Banks who ran 15.4 in the 1 lap, in the 3 lap (46.6) a new PB with her second coming in the Speed Bounce (40) before finishing with the Sitting Ball throw distance of 5.00. It was Chloe Reeve’s first outing at Sportshall and ran 15.4 in the 1 lap, Long Jump 1.26, Speed Bounce 43 and Javelin 7.75 which was a great start for her. Imogen Robinson ran a time of 14.5 in the 1 lap, set a new PB in the Long Jump 1.48, in the Speed Bounce 36, and threw 6.75 in the Javelin. Alisha Lehner ran 14.4 in the 1 lap, made 1.34 in the Long Jump, set a new PB in the Speed Bounce with 44 and ended with the Sitting Ball throw of 5.00. One of the performances of the day came from Madison Bontoft who really went for it and produced four new PB’s in the 1 lap PB (14.7), Long Jump (1.52), Vertical Jump (31) and Sitting Ball (4.75).

A great run from Kate Cookson who ran a new PB in the 1 lap with 13.0, the fastest under 11 on the day, in the 3 lap  she ran 41.4, in the Long Jump she set another new PB with 1.76, set a massive new PB of 58 in the Speed Bounce and equalled her sisters record for the Harriers 3rd place again. Caroline Woodworth ran a time of 13.6 in the 1 lap, set a new PB in the 3 lap with 41.2, Speed Bounce 53 and reached 7.75 in the sitting ball throw. Holly Turner had a great day too, setting a hat-trick of personal bests in the 1 lap with 13.3, in the 3 lap with 43.1, set her third new PB in the Triple Jump 4.73 and reached 41 in the Vertical Jump. Emily Cottam ran 15.0 in the 1 lap, 48.0 in the 3 lap, in the Triple Jump she cleared 4.76 and set a new PB of 47 in the Speed Bounce.


P1020725 P1020781 P1020736 P1020779

P1020778 P1020777 P1020772 P1020773

P1020774 P1020775 P1020776 P1020732

Leah Hoole ran a time of 27.6 in the 2 lap, set a new PB of 1.78 in the Long Jump, took 4th place in the 6 lap in a time of 1.29.1 and came home in 1st place in the Speed Bounce with 86. Eleesha Charnley ran a good time of 24.3 in the 2 lap, came 2nd in the Long Jump with 2.20, placed 2nd in the 6 lap with another good time of 1.24.4 and finished in 6th place in the Vertical Jump with 51. Lily Thomas was having her debut for the Club at Sportshall and ran a good time of 27.3 in the 2 lap, cleared 1.48 in the Long Jump, set a time of 1.34.7 in the 6 lap and finished with a Speed Bounce effort of 67.


Christie Sturgess ran 25.3 in the 2 lap, set a new PB in the Triple Jump with 5.78 and came 2nd in the Speed Bounce with 81. Emma Love was another welcome first timer jumping 1.84 in the Long Jump, clearing 5.74 in the Triple Jump and in the Vertical Jump reached 51 for 4th place. Liberty Thompson U15’s also had her debut and jumped 38 in the Vertical Jump, came 4th in the Speed Bounce with 72, ran a 2 lap time of 25.7 and a 4 lap time of 54.4. Amy Davies ran 24.7 in the 2 laps for 4th and also gained a 1st place in the 4 lap with 52.5.

P1020788 P1020714 P1020738 P1020718

P1020714 P1020712 P1020711 P1020708

P1020707 P1020768 P1020767 P1020763

P1020746 P1020704 P1020693 P1020692

P1020684 P1020683 P1020682 P1020820

P1020819 P1020812 P1020791 P1020788

The relays at the end of the day was full with a lot of teams from the Harriers. The U15 girls team consisted of Liberty Thompson, Leah Hoole, Amy Davies and Eleesha Charnley they came 2nd with Leah and Eleesha stepping up a group. In the U13 girls the Team consisted of Christie Sturgess, Lily Thomas, Alisha Lehner who stepped up from the under 11’s and Myah Booth and they came 4th. Our U11 girls scoring team was Hannah Davies, Caroline Woodworth, Kate Cookson and Holly Turner they came 3rd. The U11 boys scoring relay Team consisted Codie Dewhurst, Saul Sharp, Harrison Allcock and Isaac Butler and they came 1st whilst in our U13 Boys we had four under 11 boys brave enough to step up, they were Alex, Matthew, Sam and Harry so well done to them.












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Harriers youngsters shine again in Sportshall Competition

It was the second fixture in the 2016/17 Sportshall League at Blackpool at the weekend which saw Blackburn Harriers placed 3rd overall after the two meetings with one fixture remaining. The Club’s Sportshall group did really well on the day posting lots of PB’s and an U11 Boy Athlete of the Match – Harrison Allcock who did Blackburn Harriers proud and himself by being awarded Athlete of the Match with 1st place in high stepper 14.31, joint 2nd place with a PB in speed bounce with 51, 3rd in long jump with a PB of 1.86m and 4th in 1 lap with a time of 12.6. The Boys U11 team placed 2nd on the day whilst the Girls U11 team finished joint 3rd whilst the Girls U13 team was 4th as was the U15 team.

p1020591      p1020526

There were some extremely good performances starting with the under 11 girls – Niamh Gater had a tremendous day with the fastest time for the Harriers in the 1 lap with 13.2 and fastest for us in the 3 lap with 41.4, 3rd place in the speed bounce with a PB of 52 and had a great long jump with 1.46 another PB. Hannah Davies also had a great day with a PB in the 3 lap with 44.3 and another PB in the 1 lap with 13.6, her long jump was 1.30 and speed bounce 41. First timer Alisha Lehner was a bit nervous on the day but went on to run 14.2 for 1 lap, long jump 1.46, chest push 4.00 and speed bounce 42. Caitlin Clarkson ran a PB in the 1 lap with 14.2 and ran 3 lap in 45.3, speed bounce PB with 49 and long jump 1.34. Madison Bontoft ran 14.6 in the 1 lap, long jump 1.20, chest push 4.75 and vertical jump 24. Kate Cookson placed 2nd in the speed bounce with 55 and triple jump 4.83, 3 lap 41.9 and 1 lap a PB 13.4. Olivia Banks ran 15.3 in the 1 lap, 47.9 in the 3 lap, 39 in the speed bounce and chest push 4.25.


p1020600      p1020599


p1020612                                             p1020621

p1020556      p1020554


Charlotte Clapham earned herself a PB in the 1 lap with 13.7, speed bounce PB 49, 5th in triple jump with a PB 4.96 and also competed in the javelin – results not in yet. Kady Thompson ran 47.6 in the 3 lap, chest push a PB of 4.50, speed bounce 40 and 4.86 in the triple jump. Imogen Robinson ran a PB in 1 lap with 14.3, chest push a PB of 3.25, long jump 1.33 and another PB in vertical jump 32. Tilly Pollard ran 14.1 in the 1 lap, chest push 4.75, long jump 1.43 and speed bounce 42. Suzie Townson ran 13.9 in the 1 lap, long jump 1.38, chest push 4.50 and 47.5 in the 3 lap. Lucy Townson 49.4 in the 3 lap, a brilliant time of 13.56 in the hi stepper, vertical jump 29 and also competed in the javelin – results not in yet. Emily Cottam ran 14.8 in the 1 lap and hi stepper 17.34, speed bounce 43 and 48.3 in the 3 lap.


p1020544                                             p1020542


In the U13 Girls Eleesha Charnley was 2nd in the 6 lap with 1.23.4 and 2nd in the long jump with 2.24, ran 24.2 in the 2 lap and speed bounce 73. Danielle Probert ran 27.5 in the 2 lap, vertical jump 31, long jump 4.56 and shot 4.39. U15 Amy Davies had a go today and placed 1st in 2 lap with 24.6 and also 1st in 4 lap with 52.2.

Saul Sharp in the U11 Boys ran 13.5 in the 1 lap, 40.3 in the 3 lap, 46 in the speed bounce and 5.25 in chest push placing 4th. Jack Probert ran 15.2 in 1 lap, vertical jump 26, javelin 10.75. Another fantastic performance came from Isaac Butler who ran 13.0 in the 1 lap, a PB of 39.5 in the 3 lap placing 3rd, a PB in long jump 1.94 placing 2nd and 17.50m javelin which placed him 1st. Codie Dewhurst ran 13.1 in the 1 lap, 41.8 in the 3 lap, placed joint 2nd place speed bounce with 51 and 14.87 in the hi stepper. Dexta Thompson ran 39.9 in the 3 lap, long jump 5.04, PB in speed bounce 51 and 16.25 in the javelin placing 3rd. Harry Thomas ran 14.2 in the 1 lap, long jump 4.36, speed bounce 48. Matthew Smith ran 13.4 in the 1 lap, speed bounce 47 and placed 4th in chest push joint 4th with 5.25. Finlay ran 1 lap with 14.8, 3 lap 43.6, vertical jump 22 and chest push 3.25. Alex ran 13.4 in the 1 lap, placed 4th in long jump with 1.82, vertical jump 32 and joint 4th in chest push with 5.25.

p1020612                                             p1020621

p1020606      p1020602


p1020596                                            p1020595

p1020569      p1020567


Blackburn Harriers youngsters pulled it out of the bag in the relays with a fantastic U11 Boys win featuring – Isaac ButlerHarrison AllcockMatthew Smith; Dexta Thompson whilst the U11 Girls came 3rd after winning the first heat with their team of  Niamh GaterHannah DaviesCharlotte Clapham; Kate Cookson.

In addition, the Harriers had  three non scoring teams which saw Lindsay Davies and John Cookson join in for a laugh at the end of the day and here is the evidence! And many thanks to John and Lindsay and all the other Harriers Coaches and parents who helped out on the day.

p1020632      p1020634




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Good Start by the Harriers Sportshall Squad in Blackpool

It was the first fixture in this years Sportshall Competition, held as always at Blackpool Indoor Arena in Stanley Park and a good day for the Harriers who ended up with the U11 girls and U13 girls Teams both finishing in 3rd place. The U11 boys really pushed themselves and ended up placing second behind Preston with only 8 boys in the Team which was a cracking effort. In the Relays the U11 Girls placed 3rd whilst the U11 Boys came home in 2nd spot.

p1020509      p1020518

(Thanks to John Cookson for the Photos)

The U11 Girls featured some first time competitors, namely Caitlin Clarkson, Emily Cottam, Hannah Davies, Imogen Robinson, Kady Thompson and Holly Turner, so well done to all of those youngsters. Rimini Bellusci scored points for the Team placing 2nd in the speed bounce with 54. Niamh Gater was very nervous on the day and went on to score points with a 6th place in speed bounce with 50, 3rd place in chest push with 5.00 and was also fastest under 11 Blackburn Harrier on the day with 13.2, another very good perforamnce. Also scoring points on the day were Jadyn Armstrong who registered new PB’s in Long Jump 1.53m, Speed Bounce 48 and 1 Lap 14.0 and secured a second place in the target throw with 14. Kate Cookson was equal 4th in the Long Jump with 1.62m and 1st in Speed Bounce with 55. Natasha Hill was 2nd in Long Jump with 1.68m and 3rd in Speed Bounce with 53 and also placed 3rd in the target throw with 13, Caroline Woodworth who ran in the Cross Country the day before, was 2nd in chest push with 5.25. For the U13 Girls Eleesha Charnley who had competed in the U13 Cross Challenge on Saturday at Sefton Park made it a great double for the weekend, placing 1st in the Long Jump with 2.22m, 1st in the Speed Bounce with 84 and 2nd in the 6 Laps and 3rd in the 2 Laps Event. Leah Hoole was another youngster who had also run at Sefton Park the day before and took 3rd equal place in Speed Bounce with 79 and 5th in the 6 Laps.

p1020422                                             p1020427 p1020432                                             p1020433


p1020441                                             p1020444


p1020454                                             p1020448


Some very good performances came from the U11 Boys who finished 2nd Team on the day with Harrison Allcock earning 3rd in the Long Jump with 1.77m, 5th in Speed Bounce with 49 and 4th in the 1 Lap with 12.5. Isaac Butler took a win in the long Jump with a leap of 1.91m, came 2nd in Javelin with 19.25m, 5th in the 1 Lap Race (12.6) and 5th in the 3 Lap with 40.4. Codie Dewhurst placed 2nd in Speed Bounce with 51 with Thomas Flynn equal 5th in Target Throw, Sam King 2nd place in Speed Bounce with 51, Jack Probert equal 2nd in Chest Push 5.25, Matthew Smith equal 2nd in Chest Push 5.25 and Dexta Thompson won the Javelin with a throw of 19.75, came equal 5th in Speed bounce with 49 and 4th in the 3 lap 3 lap with 39.6.


p1020460      p1020459


And finally……the Harriers Head Coach at Sportshall giving some advice on dietary requirements when competing!!



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Harriers Sportshall youngsters shine in Quadrathlon

Wednesday 14th September saw Blackburn Harriers Sportshall Coaches organise a Club Quadrathlon with assistance from other Club Coaches and Officials. The night was a great success which was echoed in the report on the night provided by Damian Clapham.


Damian wrote “On a bright sunny evening 57 under 11 athletes from Blackburn Harriers and Athletic Club took part in a club Quadrathlon. The event was well supported by parents and officials from the club all volunteering their time to ensure athletes were kept safe and the competitions adhered to UK Athletics rules. A large thanks from all go to everyone that helped and took part to make it a great success. The Athletes competed in School Year groups with Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 all being represented by both Boys and Girls.

The Year 4 Girls Event was won by Hannah Davies with a score of 189 Points, Second was Suzie Townson with a score of 179 Points and Third came Imogen Robinson with a score of 173 Points. The best performance in this year group came from Hannah Davies in the 400m where a time of 1min 24 secs produced a fantastic score of 56.


In a very close Year 4 Boys event Matthew Smith topped the podium scoring a very impressive 2014 points, Second came Oscar Blow with 201 points and Third was Jack Ingram on 196 Points. Notable perfromances came from Matthew Smith and Jack Ingram (1 min 21secs) in the 400m plus George Ramsden (1m 89cm) in the Standing Long Jump who all scored 59 points for their efforts. DSC_0590

The Year 5 Girls Event was won by Niamh Gater with 163 points, while in joint second came Rimini Bellusci and Tilly Pollard with 141 Points. Other Notable performances included Kady Thompson where a 2min 20second 400m earned her 50 points.


In the Year 5 Boys Event Harrision Allcock stood on the top step following an impressive score of 204 points, Second spot was taken by Oliver Lord with 180 points and in Third place Thomas Flynn scored 141 Points.


The biggest field of the evening belonged to the Year 6 Girls where 14 athletes contested the 4 events.The Event finished with Kate Cookson coming out on top of the field Scoring 194 points ahead of Holly Bell and Caroline Woodworth in another Joint Second on 177 points. Notable performances included Isabella Almond throwing 23m 42cm for 46 points in the Howler, Emily Cottam with 3m 32cm for 47 points in the long jump and in a very good 600m race both Kate Cookson (2min 6second – 64points) and Caroline Woodworth (2min 8second – 62 points) scored over the 60 point barrier!


With another large 13 boy field the Year 6 Boys competed in a very competitive environment throughout the event. First Place was taken by Dexta Thompson with a very impressive 227 points. This included a 1min 53second 600m to score 77 points and win the Performance of the Night! Second place went to Isaac Butler with another impressive 219 points while the third step of the podium was taken by Codie Dewhurst on 179 Points.


Congratulations to all those that managed to get on the podium and well done to all the other athletes that took part in a very successful evening competition. Many Personal Bests were set along the way showing the progress all athletes have made this summer and we look forward to a brilliant indoor Sportshall Season over the winter.

DSC_0440  DSC_0403 DSC_0388  DSC_0343 DSC_0315  DSC_0297 DSC_0286  DSC_0281

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New generation of Blackburn Harriers starting out – Burnley Open Meeting – Town Schools Championships produce 7 new Schools Records and 26 Wins for Harriers youngsters

It is said that nothing stands still which is as true about athletics as it is of any other factor of life. Without enthusiastic youngsters being encouraged and supported to have a go, by schools, parents, coaches and team managers – and – looking to develop through the age groups up to Senior level, the future of the sport cannot be guaranteed.

At the Burnley Open Meeting last week we saw some of that enthusiasm on display by youngsters, just having a go. Thirty one youngsters in total competed on the day from Blackburn Harriers in Throws, Jumps and Track. In one event alone – U11 Girls Long Jump – there were nine Blackburn Harriers competing in a field of nineteen and five Blackburn Harriers in the U11 Boys Long Jump featuring eighteen youngsters.


(Matthew Smith)

In the U8 Age Group Category we had William Bontoft and Hannah Davies – in the U9’s Matthew Smith, Isaac Hilton, Jack Probert, Jacob Peel, Stanley Ashcroft, Imogen Robinson, James Targett, – – –  in the U10’s Madison Bontoft, Sacha Brown, Demi Thompson, Harrison Allcock, Harry Anderton, – – –  in the U11’s Caroline Woodworth, Jadyn Armstrong, Grace Hilton, Dexta Thompson, Isacc Butler, Codie Dewhurst, Max Peel, Holly Turner, Natasha Hill, Charlotte Clapham, Libby Neal, Oliver Proctor, Samuel King, Holly Bell, Grace Targett, Saul Sharp and Alexander Galiatsatos.


Performance of the day belonged to 7yr old Hannah Davies (8yrs old in September) who won the 150m in a time of 27.3 also winning the Long Jump with a distance of 2.49m and the 50m Final in 9.0sec. Joining the winners list on the day were U9 Matthew Smith in the Long Jump with 3.11m, U10 Sacha Brown in the 600m with a time of 2.06.3 and U10 Harrison Allcock in the Long Jump with a winning distance of 3.56m.


Taking second places on the day with good performances were Matthew Smith in the U9 150m with 25.9; Madison Bontoft in the U10 Shot Putt with a distance of 3.46m, Harrison Allcock in the U10 75m (11.7sec), U11 Caroline Woodworth in the Shot Putt (4.25m) and a time of 2.02.4 in the 600m, Dexta Thompson in the U11 600m with an impressive time of 1.52.4.

IMG_0586 IMG_0585 IMG_0584 IMG_0617 IMG_0616 IMG_0614 IMG_0613 IMG_0612

FullSizeRender_4 CD7E381B-3C58-489C-8FA6-8CB308BD6A5F IMG_6596 FullSizeRender_4 IMG_6588 FullSizeRender_3 IMG_6584 0D132032-BDC0-489C-B5A2-718DA3140F3B

In third places came U9 Stanley Ashcroft (Cricket Ball Throw of 9.75m), U10 Sacha Brown with a jump of 3.10m in the Long Jump and a time of 11.9 in the 75m, Jaydn Armstrong in the Shot Putt (4.10m), Isaac Butler in the U11 600m (2.00.3) and Holly Bell with a throw of 15.85m in the U11 Cricket Ball Throw. Saul Sharp tackled the 75m and 600m for the first time posting times of 12.5 for the 75m and 2.09.01 for the 600m and then backed that up with a 4th place in the Shot Putt throwing 4.47m.

IMG_0587 IMG_0594 IMG_0593 IMG_0592 IMG_0590 IMG_0588 IMG_0595 IMG_0597

IMG_6605 IMG_6601 20160710_132657 IMG_0619

IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0594 IMG_0593 IMG_0592 IMG_0590 IMG_0588 IMG_0587

Town Schools Championships at Witton Park

Not a bad day at all for Blackburn Harriers athletes competing for their respective schools in the Town Champion ships. Altogether the Harriers set seven new Town Schools Records and recorded twenty six wins.



Blackburn Harriers were to the fore on the day in the Y7 age group with  Mya Booth setting a new Town Schools record in the 70m Hurdles winning in a time of 11.63 with Christie Sturgess in 2nd (12.78) and Taquana Aldridge in 4th (14.52). Charlotte Corrigan was the next winner in the 1500m (5.32.6) and amazingly Caiden Hesketh who is a sprinter won the 800m in 2.51.0. Abigail Armas placed 4th in the 100m with a time of 14.94. Back to her preferred discipline Caiden Hesketh won the 200m with a time of 29.72 with Charlotte Corrigan in 2nd place (30.46) and Emma Catterall 3rd (31.73). Myah Booth took her second win of the day in the Long Jump (3.82m) with Caiden Hesketh in 2nd (3.59m). Myah Booth then took her third win of the day and set another new Town Schools Record in the Shot Putt with a throw of 8.70m

The Yr 8 age group saw Phoebe Baxter win the 100m in a time of 13.38, followed by a win for Amy Davies in the 1500m (5.19.77) and a double win for Bailey Madden, first in the 100m (13.38) and then the 200m (28.79). Phoebe Baxtor cleared 3.55m for 3rd place in the Long Jump and Bailey Madden came 3rd in the Shot Putt (6.30m).

Yr 9 Girls saw Bethany Brannigan run 14.83 for 2nd place in the 75m Hurdles and then take 2nd in the 100m (13.82). Eloise Littlefair won the 100m in 13.72 and then set new Town Schools records by winning the Shot Putt with 10.45m and the Javelin with a throw of 27.10. Abigail Brown came 2nd in the Javelin with 16.40m.

In the Y11 Girls Maddie Elliott set another Town Schools Record in the 1500m (4.53.9) and came 2nd in the 80m Hurdles (13.97). Chloe Bleeks came 2nd in the 100m (13.73) with Jaqui Howard in 3rd (13.80) who then went on to win the Long Jump (4.50m). Teigan Fawcett added to the wins for Blackburn Harriers athletes in the Javelin (23.40m) with Jessica Kit in 4th (16.98m) – and – same again in the Discus with a win for Teigan (20.03m) and 4th for Jessica (17.29m). Yet another Town Schools Record was set when Libby Angland won the Triple Jump clearing 9.85m.

Matt Ramsden set the tone in the Yr 8 Boys winning the 1500m winning in 4.47 whilst Leon Thomas won the 800m in 2.24.0 with Jimmy Walpole 3rd.

In Yr 9 there was a one-two in the 80m Hurdles with Sol Brown winning in 13.59 and Billy Walpole coming 2nd in 14.37. Sol went onto clear 9.35m in the Triple Jump (5th). In the 1500m there was a win for Bradley Meiklehan (5.08) with Charlie Obank in 2nd (5.16) and Billy Walpole 5th in 5.30.0. Ben Whittaker placed 4th in the 200m with a time of 26.84 and took 3rd spot in the Long Jump clearing 4.40m with Billy Walpole in 5th (4.38m).

Nicholas Smith came 2nd in the Yr 10/11 Boys 100m Hurdles (17.02) whilst Jacob Roberts won the 100m in 11.90 then took 2nd in the Discus (31.05m) and 2nd in the Javelin (34.27m). Sammy Kearns placed 3rd in Javelin with 30.51m. It was Anthony Kent who won the Discus with 36.62m which was another Town Schools Record and then made it a double win in the Shot Putt (10.90m). Zak Hargreaves took the win in the Triple Jump with a leap of 11.42m.

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A Win for Blackburn Harriers Sportshall Group – v – Kirkham Grammar School

It was the ninth year in a row that Blackburn Harriers Sportshall Group have taken on Kirkham Grammar School, a fixture which has been won by Kirkham for the first 8 years.

Would it change this year and produce a win for the Harriers?

Well Indeed it did. So big congratulations to all the youngsters who turned out and gave of their best on the day, leading to the victory. Congratulations also to the young athletes from Kirkham Grammar School who helped make the the day and the athletics a very enjoyable occasion.



(Blackburn Harriers Sportshall Team – v – Kirkham Grammar School)

Alison Hulme who is the Sportshall Group Co-ordinator and also organiser of these fixtures was delighted to be able to report the win for the Harriers  and told us “On Saturday 21 May 2016, after 6 years of trying, Blackburn Harriers’ U11 team finally got their hands on the Centenary Shield, beating Kirkham Grammar Junior School in a very close competition! The competition was started in Blackburn Harriers’ Centenary year (2010) and involves teams of 10 boys & 10 girls competing in 4 track events, 4 field events and 2 relays. The Kirkham teacher who devised the competition is Alf Oddie, who competed for Blackburn Harriers for many years.

After the track events the scores for both teams were even on 44 points; Blackburn pulled slightly ahead after the field events with 91 points compared to Kirkham’s 85 points. First place finishes by both Blackburn boys & girls 4x100m relay teams secured the victory, with Blackburn scoring 141 compared to Kirkham’s 123 points overall.

Blackburn girls were particularly strong with 1-2 finishes in 150m (Holly Bell & Charlotte Clapham), 600m (Kate Cookson & Caroline Woodworth), Long Jump (Sacha Brown & Holly Turner) and Triple Jump (Kate Cookson & Emily Cottam). For the boys, Harrison Allcock was first in 60m & long jump and Isaac Butler had an impressive run to win the 600m. Special mention must go to Jadyn Armstrong who bravely finished her hurdles race after taking a nasty tumble. Other team members were: Natasha Hill, Lucy Ramsden, Harry Anderton, Codie Dewhurst, Thomas Flynn,Alexander Galiatsatos, Oliver Proctor, Saul Sharp, Harry Thomas, Theo Sturgess.

Thanks go to the Kirkham teachers, Jean Leigh, Danny Maynard and all of the parents & relatives who made this event a success”.

IMG_0385  IMG_0383  IMG_0382  IMG_0370


IMG_0362  IMG_0361  IMG_0359  IMG_0357


IMG_0364  IMG_0361  IMG_0362  IMG_0367


 (Ben Armstrong & John Cookson Team Managing for the Blue & Whites)