The Final Fixture of the 2016/17 Sportshall League took place at Stanley Park on Sunday and it went very well for the Harriers which saw the youngsters set an array of PB’s, so many that we lost count – and – two of the Harriers – Isaac Butler and Myah Booth – taking Athlete of the Match on the day.

Overall the Harriers finished 3rd in the League which is a credit to the young athletes, the Sportshall Coaches, Administrators and Volunteers. In terms of the Age Group Team places at the weekend the Girls under 11’s team came 3rd — Girls under 13’s team 4th — Girls under 15’s team 3rd — Boys under 11’s team 2nd — Boys under 13’s team 5th.


(Thanks to John Cookson for all the Photo’s)

Isaac Butler was named ATHLETE OF THE MATCH for the under 11 boys with a great performance from him. In Long Jump he was 1st with 1.98 new PB, he then set a new PB in the Speed Bounce jumping 53, was second in the Javelin with a huge throw of 19.75 also a new PB and ended the day 4th in 3 lap in a new PB time of 39.3.

Myah Booth also won ATHLETE OF THE MATCH for the under 13 girls scoring lots of points for us setting a new PB in 2 lap (24.6), took 1st place in Triple Jump with 6.37, Vertical Jump 49 and set another new PB in Shot Putt with 2nd place 9.81.



The rest of the under 11 boys also performed really well with Harrison Allcock just behind Isaac, jumping 1.82 in the Long Jump in 3rd place, set a new PB with 54 in the Speed Bounce (4th)th set a second new PB in the Sitting Ball throw 5.50 (5th) and took 1st place in the 1 lap (12.3) seconds for his third new PB of the day.  Codie Dewhurst continued the string of new PB’s jumping a new PB of 4.47 in the Triple Jump, Speed Bounce 51, then won his second new PB in the Javelin (12.50) and ran 13.1 in the 1 lap.Thomas Flynn jumped 4.19 in the Triple Jump, Vertical Jump 30, and 1 lap 14.0 whilst new member Alex Galiatsatos jumped 1.72 in the Long Jump, Vertical Jump 34 and set new PB’s in the Sitting Ball throw (5.25) and in the 1 lap his time of 12.9  earned him another new PB.


Three more PB’s were set when Samuel King jumped 4.88 in Triple Jump, in the Speed Bounce 41, threw a new PB in the Javelin (15.25) and in the 1 lap ran 14.0 – Jack Probert took new personal bests in the Vertical Jump 30 and set two new PB’s and also in the 1 lap (14.9). Six more personal bests were set by the Boys with Saul Sharp jumping 1.78 for 4th place in the Long Jump (PB), set a new PB in Vertical Jump 45 in 3rd spot and his 1 lap 13.1 was also a new PB. Harry Thomas jumped 1.38 in the Long Jump, Speed Bounce 53 for a new PB followed by his 1 lap time of 14.3. Matthew Smith posted a new personal best of 1.60 in the Long Jump, in the Sitting Ball he threw 5.00, in the Speed Bounce 56 for a new PB and rounded off with a 1 lap time of 13.6. Dexta Thompson set new PB’s in Speed Bounce 52  and in his 1 lap, running a time of 13.4, finishing off with a throw of 14.0 in the Javelin.

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P1020760 P1020707 P1020708 P1020693

In the U11 Girls Hannah Davies had a first time go at the Javelin and threw 11.25, got a new PB in Speed Bounce with 47, ran 13.7 in the 1 lap and added another new PB in the 3 lap with 43.5. Kady Thompson threw 13.00 in the Javelin, reached 1.44 in the Long Jump, 15.0 in the 1 lap and 48.3 in the 3 lap. Tilly Pollard threw 5.75 in the Sitting Ball throw, in Speed Bounce 41, she set a new PB in Long Jump with 1.44 and ran 14.1 in the 1 Lap Race. Charlotte Clapham carried on setting two new PB’s  in the Speed Bounce with 50 and in the Javelin with a throw of 14.00, followed by a Triple Jump 5th place (5.24) and 3 lap  time of 43.7. Two more new PB’s for Olivia Banks who ran 15.4 in the 1 lap, in the 3 lap (46.6) a new PB with her second coming in the Speed Bounce (40) before finishing with the Sitting Ball throw distance of 5.00. It was Chloe Reeve’s first outing at Sportshall and ran 15.4 in the 1 lap, Long Jump 1.26, Speed Bounce 43 and Javelin 7.75 which was a great start for her. Imogen Robinson ran a time of 14.5 in the 1 lap, set a new PB in the Long Jump 1.48, in the Speed Bounce 36, and threw 6.75 in the Javelin. Alisha Lehner ran 14.4 in the 1 lap, made 1.34 in the Long Jump, set a new PB in the Speed Bounce with 44 and ended with the Sitting Ball throw of 5.00. One of the performances of the day came from Madison Bontoft who really went for it and produced four new PB’s in the 1 lap PB (14.7), Long Jump (1.52), Vertical Jump (31) and Sitting Ball (4.75).

A great run from Kate Cookson who ran a new PB in the 1 lap with 13.0, the fastest under 11 on the day, in the 3 lap  she ran 41.4, in the Long Jump she set another new PB with 1.76, set a massive new PB of 58 in the Speed Bounce and equalled her sisters record for the Harriers 3rd place again. Caroline Woodworth ran a time of 13.6 in the 1 lap, set a new PB in the 3 lap with 41.2, Speed Bounce 53 and reached 7.75 in the sitting ball throw. Holly Turner had a great day too, setting a hat-trick of personal bests in the 1 lap with 13.3, in the 3 lap with 43.1, set her third new PB in the Triple Jump 4.73 and reached 41 in the Vertical Jump. Emily Cottam ran 15.0 in the 1 lap, 48.0 in the 3 lap, in the Triple Jump she cleared 4.76 and set a new PB of 47 in the Speed Bounce.


P1020725 P1020781 P1020736 P1020779

P1020778 P1020777 P1020772 P1020773

P1020774 P1020775 P1020776 P1020732

Leah Hoole ran a time of 27.6 in the 2 lap, set a new PB of 1.78 in the Long Jump, took 4th place in the 6 lap in a time of 1.29.1 and came home in 1st place in the Speed Bounce with 86. Eleesha Charnley ran a good time of 24.3 in the 2 lap, came 2nd in the Long Jump with 2.20, placed 2nd in the 6 lap with another good time of 1.24.4 and finished in 6th place in the Vertical Jump with 51. Lily Thomas was having her debut for the Club at Sportshall and ran a good time of 27.3 in the 2 lap, cleared 1.48 in the Long Jump, set a time of 1.34.7 in the 6 lap and finished with a Speed Bounce effort of 67.


Christie Sturgess ran 25.3 in the 2 lap, set a new PB in the Triple Jump with 5.78 and came 2nd in the Speed Bounce with 81. Emma Love was another welcome first timer jumping 1.84 in the Long Jump, clearing 5.74 in the Triple Jump and in the Vertical Jump reached 51 for 4th place. Liberty Thompson U15’s also had her debut and jumped 38 in the Vertical Jump, came 4th in the Speed Bounce with 72, ran a 2 lap time of 25.7 and a 4 lap time of 54.4. Amy Davies ran 24.7 in the 2 laps for 4th and also gained a 1st place in the 4 lap with 52.5.

P1020788 P1020714 P1020738 P1020718

P1020714 P1020712 P1020711 P1020708

P1020707 P1020768 P1020767 P1020763

P1020746 P1020704 P1020693 P1020692

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The relays at the end of the day was full with a lot of teams from the Harriers. The U15 girls team consisted of Liberty Thompson, Leah Hoole, Amy Davies and Eleesha Charnley they came 2nd with Leah and Eleesha stepping up a group. In the U13 girls the Team consisted of Christie Sturgess, Lily Thomas, Alisha Lehner who stepped up from the under 11’s and Myah Booth and they came 4th. Our U11 girls scoring team was Hannah Davies, Caroline Woodworth, Kate Cookson and Holly Turner they came 3rd. The U11 boys scoring relay Team consisted Codie Dewhurst, Saul Sharp, Harrison Allcock and Isaac Butler and they came 1st whilst in our U13 Boys we had four under 11 boys brave enough to step up, they were Alex, Matthew, Sam and Harry so well done to them.