Club Championship Competition

(2018 Club Championship/Handicap Winners – Lindsay Davies & Chris Davies being presented with their Awards by Joe Fleming)



Women’s Championship Standings

Men’s Championship Standings


The Club Championships qualifying events for 2019 are:

This year I have decided to use another competition within the Lancashire area to accommodate our Blackburn Harriers Club Championships. It is the Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix. It is a competition I have done once before and is well worth taking part in. It is very well run and there are some great races from the 14 to choose from. To complete the Pendle & Burnley series you must do 9 races out of 14 to count at the end of the competition. This might well be worth doing after completing 5 races out of 14 to count for our Blackburn Harriers Club Championships.

This year I wanted to try something different and hope that this freshens up our own Club Championships a little bit. There are plenty of different types of race and it should be fair to all types of runner within our Club.

The first race is Sunday 5th May 2019 and is a Fell race.

I hope you all enjoy the new format.

Chris Davies


The format for this year is a Male and Female competition.

This year there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in each category.

No Handicap competition.

5 races to count out of the 14 available for the Blackburn Club Championships.

9 races to count out of the 14 available for the Pendle & Burnley series.

Each runner can do any race that he/she wants do as long as he/she does five to count.

If each runner does more than five races I will pick from the best five.

This year I will not be going of times. This year I will be going of finishing places. You may finish 2nd overall in the race but if that place has you back as the first Blackburn Harrier then will score a 1 and so on and so forth.

I am happy for any runner within the Club to take part but primarily it is likely that this competition will be mainly Senior runners.


CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 – Pendle & Burnley Grand Prix

  1. Hameldon Hill Fell Races – 6 Mile 1100FT Climb – Sunday 5th May 2019
  2. Pinhaw Trail Race – 5 Mile 700 Multi Terrain – Friday 10th May 2019
  3. Wholan Nook Trail Race – 5 Miles Trail – Wednesday 15th May 2019
  4. Burnley Lions 10K Road Race – 2 Lap Road – Friday 24th May 2019
  5. Kelbrook Fell Race – 3.4 Mile 700 Fell – Saturday 1st June 2019
  6. Weets Fell Race -1800FT Climb – Saturday 8th June 2019
  7. Barrowford Grand Prix 5K Road Race – Flat Very Fast – Friday 14th June 2019
  8. Sabden Trail Race – 6 Miles Trail – Wednesday 19th June 2019
  9. Trawden 7 Trail Race – Trail & Road – Sunday 30th June 2019
  10. Hendon Brook 13.5 Mile Road Race – Hilly/Very Tough 2100FT Ascent – Sunday 7th July 2019
  11. Towneley Park 10K Road Race – Sunday 14th July 2019
  12. Greenway 5K Road Race – Very Fast – Wednesday 24th July 2019
  13. Worsthorne Moor Race – 7 Mile 900 Multi Terrain – Sunday 4th August 2019
  14. Boulsworth Fell Race – 6.5 Miles 984FT Path/Bridleway/Fell – Sunday 11th August 2019