It was the second fixture in the 2016/17 Sportshall League at Blackpool at the weekend which saw Blackburn Harriers placed 3rd overall after the two meetings with one fixture remaining. The Club’s Sportshall group did really well on the day posting lots of PB’s and an U11 Boy Athlete of the Match – Harrison Allcock who did Blackburn Harriers proud and himself by being awarded Athlete of the Match with 1st place in high stepper 14.31, joint 2nd place with a PB in speed bounce with 51, 3rd in long jump with a PB of 1.86m and 4th in 1 lap with a time of 12.6. The Boys U11 team placed 2nd on the day whilst the Girls U11 team finished joint 3rd whilst the Girls U13 team was 4th as was the U15 team.

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There were some extremely good performances starting with the under 11 girls – Niamh Gater had a tremendous day with the fastest time for the Harriers in the 1 lap with 13.2 and fastest for us in the 3 lap with 41.4, 3rd place in the speed bounce with a PB of 52 and had a great long jump with 1.46 another PB. Hannah Davies also had a great day with a PB in the 3 lap with 44.3 and another PB in the 1 lap with 13.6, her long jump was 1.30 and speed bounce 41. First timer Alisha Lehner was a bit nervous on the day but went on to run 14.2 for 1 lap, long jump 1.46, chest push 4.00 and speed bounce 42. Caitlin Clarkson ran a PB in the 1 lap with 14.2 and ran 3 lap in 45.3, speed bounce PB with 49 and long jump 1.34. Madison Bontoft ran 14.6 in the 1 lap, long jump 1.20, chest push 4.75 and vertical jump 24. Kate Cookson placed 2nd in the speed bounce with 55 and triple jump 4.83, 3 lap 41.9 and 1 lap a PB 13.4. Olivia Banks ran 15.3 in the 1 lap, 47.9 in the 3 lap, 39 in the speed bounce and chest push 4.25.


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Charlotte Clapham earned herself a PB in the 1 lap with 13.7, speed bounce PB 49, 5th in triple jump with a PB 4.96 and also competed in the javelin – results not in yet. Kady Thompson ran 47.6 in the 3 lap, chest push a PB of 4.50, speed bounce 40 and 4.86 in the triple jump. Imogen Robinson ran a PB in 1 lap with 14.3, chest push a PB of 3.25, long jump 1.33 and another PB in vertical jump 32. Tilly Pollard ran 14.1 in the 1 lap, chest push 4.75, long jump 1.43 and speed bounce 42. Suzie Townson ran 13.9 in the 1 lap, long jump 1.38, chest push 4.50 and 47.5 in the 3 lap. Lucy Townson 49.4 in the 3 lap, a brilliant time of 13.56 in the hi stepper, vertical jump 29 and also competed in the javelin – results not in yet. Emily Cottam ran 14.8 in the 1 lap and hi stepper 17.34, speed bounce 43 and 48.3 in the 3 lap.


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In the U13 Girls Eleesha Charnley was 2nd in the 6 lap with 1.23.4 and 2nd in the long jump with 2.24, ran 24.2 in the 2 lap and speed bounce 73. Danielle Probert ran 27.5 in the 2 lap, vertical jump 31, long jump 4.56 and shot 4.39. U15 Amy Davies had a go today and placed 1st in 2 lap with 24.6 and also 1st in 4 lap with 52.2.

Saul Sharp in the U11 Boys ran 13.5 in the 1 lap, 40.3 in the 3 lap, 46 in the speed bounce and 5.25 in chest push placing 4th. Jack Probert ran 15.2 in 1 lap, vertical jump 26, javelin 10.75. Another fantastic performance came from Isaac Butler who ran 13.0 in the 1 lap, a PB of 39.5 in the 3 lap placing 3rd, a PB in long jump 1.94 placing 2nd and 17.50m javelin which placed him 1st. Codie Dewhurst ran 13.1 in the 1 lap, 41.8 in the 3 lap, placed joint 2nd place speed bounce with 51 and 14.87 in the hi stepper. Dexta Thompson ran 39.9 in the 3 lap, long jump 5.04, PB in speed bounce 51 and 16.25 in the javelin placing 3rd. Harry Thomas ran 14.2 in the 1 lap, long jump 4.36, speed bounce 48. Matthew Smith ran 13.4 in the 1 lap, speed bounce 47 and placed 4th in chest push joint 4th with 5.25. Finlay ran 1 lap with 14.8, 3 lap 43.6, vertical jump 22 and chest push 3.25. Alex ran 13.4 in the 1 lap, placed 4th in long jump with 1.82, vertical jump 32 and joint 4th in chest push with 5.25.

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Blackburn Harriers youngsters pulled it out of the bag in the relays with a fantastic U11 Boys win featuring – Isaac ButlerHarrison AllcockMatthew Smith; Dexta Thompson whilst the U11 Girls came 3rd after winning the first heat with their team of  Niamh GaterHannah DaviesCharlotte Clapham; Kate Cookson.

In addition, the Harriers had  three non scoring teams which saw Lindsay Davies and John Cookson join in for a laugh at the end of the day and here is the evidence! And many thanks to John and Lindsay and all the other Harriers Coaches and parents who helped out on the day.

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