How to join the Club

Please fill in the – MEMBERSHIP FORM (Word.Doc) – MEMBERSHIP FORM (PDF)

If you are Under 18yrs of Age – fill in the – Medical Form – returning both Forms with the appropriate payment to :

Susan Woodburn BBH Membership, 185 Shorrock Lane, Blackburn BB2 4TT

If you still have any questions e-mail the Membership Secretary

New Members Introductory Booklet

Paying your Membership Dues with on-line banking – HERE

Setting up your Direct Debit with BwDBC to get your Beez Card which all members need to gain access to Witton Park Arena for Training can be done as follows:

If you don’t currently have a Beez Card, you can set up your Direct Debit at the Reception Desk at Witton Park Arena – or – please follow this process:
(a)        Ring the Leisure Hub (01254-585555).
(b)        Ask to set up a Beez Card  for Training at WPA as a member of Blackburn Harriers.
(c)        The Direct debit will be set up for you over the phone.
(d)        Once it is set up, your Beez Card will be picked up 48 hours later at WPA.
(e)        Students returning from University and who want to train for a number of weeks before returning, need to ring the Leisure Hub (01254-585555) and ask for a Student One Month Pass for Blackburn Harriers at WPA. A one off payment for the month will secure a Beez Card for that period. You will need to scan proof of your attendance at a University to set it up and this should be sent to — [email protected]