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New Marathon PB’s for Chris in London and Claire at Blackpool – Joe Wins Blackpool 10k – Pauline Wins Bolton 10k

Chris Davies ran his first Marathon in April 2014 in Manchester which was unfortunately measured short. In his debut he posted a time of 3.02.31 which was a great effort in his first ever attempt at the distance. Knowing that he didn’t run the race the way he had intended, he set out to bring the time down and run faster. In 2015 he cut a whopping 13 minutes off his previous time to record 2hr 49.41. One year later in 2016 and again in London he came down ever further to set another new PB of 2hr.46.55. His training for London 2017 gave him the belief that he could knock another chunk off and he duly obliged running a new personal best of 2hr 41.22. A rather happy athlete told the Club This is probably the best shape I’ve been in since starting running 4 1/2 years ago. I was always feeling confident that I could hit the time I wanted I just had to go and do it. I felt good in my warm up and started the race well. My first mile was a 6:06 which was bang on target and I felt comfortable with that all the way up to the 20 mile mark. I felt OK at this point and pulled out 3 more good miles but the last 3 were the hardest. Mile 24 my pace dipped a little, I managed to rally again for mile 25 but with that big last effort struggled on the home straight. Dug it out though and come through the line at 2:41:21. Really pleased with the result and I gave everything on the day. The support on the day was great from people out there on the course and I would like to say thanks to everyone for all their great support during training for this event and the praise they gave after it. Very much appreciated and it’s great that I know I’m surrounded by a great bunch of people within Blackburn Harriers and out of it.”


Conrad Mckee followed up his 2016 London Marathon time of 2hr. 50.34 with another 2hr 50.19 clocking in 2017 which was a great result for him as he has had to contend with a long period of injuries – Conrad told us afterwards that his Time was slightly faster. Only slight. 2.50.19 but it was a better more controlled run than the year before. I had hoped to try and dip under 2.45 but I tore some ligaments in my foot 11 weeks ago and didn’t even know if I was going to go to London. Gaz at GW got me fit again and Ben Fish wrote me an 8 week plan to get to the start line. Everything went well and it all clicked in to place on the day. My splits were very consistent on the day with only 4 seconds difference in every 5k from start to finish. I think I will have a stab at Chester in October”.

Sean Proctor clocked a time of 3hr 31.58 which wasn’t what he was expecting, but as all marathon runners know, the distance doesn’t always work out for you on the day. Sean told the Club I was having a good run up to mile 16 when the hamstring injury I picked up the other week flared up again. Just glad I could limp to finish it in 3:31:58. I will be back training as soon as possible ready for Chester in October“.


Claire Bridge is another Blackburn Harrier who started her Marathon running career in 2014 at the Brathay Windermere Race where she ran a time of 5hr 30.45. In the same year she ran the Chester Marathon – just six months after her first and knocked 53 minutes off her debut time when she ran 4hr 37.04. On to the year 2015 and she chopped a further six minutes off her time with 4hr 31.05 at Chester again and then in 2016 cut another eight minutes off in the Manchester Marathon when she achieved a time of 4hr 23. 08.. At this years Blackpool Marathon, Claire went even further taking another 14 minutes off her previous best to set a new PB of 4hr 09.09. Claire has now reduced her Marathon PB in just over three years by one hour and twenty one minutes and there was little doubt that she was happy about her latest run telling the Club that she was Delighted to run a big PB today at the Blackpool marathon. It was tough conditions, too hot and quite breezy. I knocked nearly 15 minutes off my Marathon PB. I was 2 minutes inside my half marathon best. Roll on Chester!!!

Blackpool Marathon RESULTS


Blackpool & Bolton 10k – Sunday April 23rd

Joe Monk added another win to his racing CV when he won the Blackpool 10k in a time of 33.15, nearly three minutes in front of the second placed runner and commented after the Race that he was pleased to win today, it was windy going out up to 6km and had some twists and turns to contend with so knew a really quick time wasn’t feasible, nevertheless pleased to win and look forward to racing the 3k at Trafford on Tuesday”.

Blackpool 10k RESULTS


Over in Bolton, Pauline Powell made a welcome return to racing, this being her first 10k Race since 2009 and what a return it was. In a field featuring 675 finishers, Pauline placed 9th overall, won the Women’s Race and broke the Course Record. Understandably she was delighted and told the Club It felt great to be back racing and was happy to break the course record on such a tough course!” Victoria Mousley also had a very good run for the Harriers coming home in 23rd spot in a time of 39.58 which was just twelve seconds outside her personal best and showing what a good run she had, given the course terrain and the wind. Vicci spoke to the Club after the Race and told us “If you manage a sub 40 more than once then it can’t be a fluke. Problem is now I have to make a new target. Perfect day today for a run back in my hometown of Bolton, even had my parents coming out to watch and some friends. The Bolton 10k is a great course with a great variety of terrain, hills, steps, switchbacks etc…..quite a tough one and not one to do if you are looking for a pb. Lovely to see Brian and Michelle at the start and to hear encouragement from them and many others on the way round. All I wanted today was a sub 40 wasn’t too concerned about position. Happy to come away with 4th lady and we’ll done to Blackburn Harriers runner Pauline Powell with first place and course record too”. V55 Paul Clarke was running his third 10k of the year so far at Bolton where he placed 139th overall in a time of 47.25.

Bolton 10k RESULTS






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14 Medals for Harriers youngsters in the Quadrathon – Watford Open – Wins for Harriers young athletes at Trafford Open – 2 Wins for Tony in Northern Veterans T & F League


Team Manager for the Day – Lindsay Davies – was really pleased with the performance of all of the Blackburn Harriers youngsters at Hyndburn on Saturday, in what can only be described as terrible conditions. Hats off also to the unsung hero’s of the Easter weekend – the Officials – for without them, stood out in the cold and rain for the entire weekend, there would have been no competition all for the young athletes. Can we take this opportunity to make a big appeal to Parents to come and get involved and take on officiating at these events.

IMG_1452      IMG_1451


IMG_1448      IMG_1453

Putting aside the weather, the Harriers youngsters performed really well – delivering 14 Medals overall from Kate Cookson (Yr6) Silver; Caroline Woodworth (Yr6) Bronze; Lucy Rishton (Yr5) Bronze; Isaac Butler (Yr6) Silver; Harrison Allcock (Yr5) Gold; Hannah Davies (Yr3) Gold; Olivia Banks (Yr4) Bronze); Oscar Blow (yr4) Gold; Findlay Carroll (Yr4) Silver; Dexta Thompson (Y6) Gold; Saul Sharp (Yr6) Bronze; Kady Thompson (Yr5) Gold and Lulu Sharp (Yr3) Silver.


(Harriers youngsters on Day One at Hyndburn)

The Team Manager gave a breakdown of all of the athletes performances who competed for the Harriers which showed good commitment, effort and achievement by all of them:

P1030043 P1020994 P1020948 P1020955 P1020961 P1030019 P1030034 P1020962 P1020972 P1020982 P1020901 P1020905

P1030042 P1020975 P1020909 P1020911 P1020912 P1020915 P1020917 P1020918 P1020924 P1020926 P1020927 P1020932 P1020933 P1020936 P1020882 P1030048 P1020902 IMG_1428 IMG_1446 IMG_1444 IMG_1424 IMG_1439 IMG_1432 IMG_1430

Year 5 and 6 girls

Kate Cookson had a tremendous day finishing 2nd in the year 6 girls with 215 points and received a Silver Medal. In the 75m sprint she ran the fastest time in 11.6 seconds, vortex throw she threw the second best throw 21.22m, standing long jump she jumped the furthest with 2.04m and she was first in the 600m race which we don’t have the time for yet. Caroline Woodworth finished 3rd in the year 6 girls with 207 points and received the Bronze Medal. In the 75m sprint she ran 12.5 seconds, vortex throw she threw the furthest with a huge distance of 26.98m, standing long jump she jumped 1.85m, 600m race haven’t got the times for yet. Lucy Rishton hasn’t been with us long at Sportshall but has literally come on in leaps and bounds, second fastest time in the 75m sprint with 11.8 seconds, 17.10m in the vortex throw, a good jump of 1.89m in the standing long jump and finished 2nd in the 600m race no time recorded yet. Lucy finished on 195 points and gained a Bronze Medal for year 5 girls. Holly Bell had a good day too with a fast time of 12.5 seconds in the 75m sprint, vortex throw 15.17m, standing long jump second best jump with 2.02m and 600m race not recorded a time yet. Holly finished with 167 points. Niamh Gater was very nervous on the day but put in a great effort with 12.3 seconds in the 75m sprint, 15.27m throw in the vortex throw, 1.71m in the standing long jump, 600m race not known yet, she finished with equal points to team mate Holly with 167. Caitlin Clarkson put in a good performance with 14.2 seconds in the 75m sprint, a very good throw of 18.27m in the vortex throw, 1.60m jump in the standing long jump and 600m race not known. Another great performance from Madison Bontoft – 13.9 seconds in the 75m sprint, a throw of 8.86m in the vortex throw, standing long jump she jumped 1.64m, 600m race not known, Madison finished on 98 points.

Year 5 and 6 boys

Isaac Butler had a fantastic performance finishing on 217 points and gaining a Silver Medal for finishing 2nd in the year 6 boys, he ran 11.5 seconds in the 75m sprint, a huge throw of 27.87m in the vortex throw, 1.97m in the standing long jump and 2nd place with 1.54.5 minutes in the 600m race. Harrison Allcock also had a great performance finishing with 183 points and finishing 1st in the year 5 boys, earning himself a Gold Medal, a fast time of 11.2 seconds in the 75m sprint, a throw of 19.73m in the vortex throw, a great jump of 1.96m in the standing long jump and a time of 2.14.4 minutes in the 600m race.

Year 3 and 4 girls.

Hannah Davies put everything she had into her events today and gained 1st place in the year 3 girls with 125 points and received a Gold Medal, a very fast time of 9.0 seconds in the 50m sprint, a huge throw of 11.61m in the vortex throw which was the second furthest overall, 1.34m in the standing long jump, 1.30.7 minutes in the 400m race. Olivia Banks had a brilliant day finishing 3rd place in the year 4 girls winning a Bronze Medal with 130 points, 9.3 seconds in the 50m sprint, third furthest throw in the vortex with 11.56m, 1.42m in the standing long jump and finished 1st in the 400m race with 1.25.8 minutes. Chloe Reeve had a good performance, 9.8 seconds in the 50m sprint, 9.79m in the vortex throw, 1.19m jump in the standing long jump, 1.40.4 minutes in the 400m race, Chloe finished with 91 points. Tippi Francis competes with a big smile on her face, 10.3 seconds in the 50m sprint, 7.36m throw in the vortex throw, 1.25m in the standing long jump and 1.48.5 minutes in the 400m race, Tippi finished with 77 points. Megan Jackson is new to competing and again had a big smile on her face during every event, 10.5 seconds in the 50m sprint, 6.83m in the vortex throw, 1.16m in the standing long jump and 2.03.0 minutes in the 400m race, she finished with 66 points.

Year 3 and 4 boys

Oscar Blow had a great day finishing with 157 points and gained himself 1st place in the year 4 boys and received a Gold Medal, he ran 8.3 seconds in the 50m race, threw 18.04m in the vortex throw, a fantastic jump of 1.65m in the standing long jump and ran 1.29.2 minutes in the 400m race. Findlay Carroll was 2nd place in the year 4 boys with 145 points and received a Silver Medal, 8.9 seconds in the 50m sprint, a massive throw of 23.00m in the vortex throw, 1.40m in the standing long jump and 1.29.6 minutes in the 400m race. Jacob Peel put in a great effort and finished with 111 points, he ran 8.9 seconds in the 50m sprint, threw 13.57m in the vortex throw, jumped 1.40m in the standing long jump and ran 1:38.5 minutes in the 400m race.

Dexta Thompson had an amazing day placing 1st in the year 6 category and also we had Saul Sharp finishing 3rd in the same category which gave us a Gold and Bronze for Blackburn Harriers. Dexta ran the 75m in 12.1, threw the Vortex 28.18m, cleared 1.76m in the Standing Long Jump and won the 600m in a time of 1.55.1. Saul ran the 75m in 11.9, threw the Vortex 19.90m, jumped 1.90m in the Standing Long Jump which was the second longest jump of the day and ran 1.55.8 in the 600m. Felix Thompson also earned himself a Bronze Medal for the Year 3 category. Another Thompson not wanting to be outdone was young Kady Thompson who received a Gold Medal for her efforts in the year 5 category. Lulu Sharp who is bottom of the age group had a go and came 2nd in the year 3 category and received a Silver Medal – in the 50m she ran 10.4 seconds, threw 9.86m in the Vortex, jumped 1.35m in the Standing Long Jump and in the 400m ran 1.39.3 minutes.

P1030073      P1030058

P1030069      P1030074

P1030079      P1030067

P1030055      P1030057

P1030056      P1030062

17991199_10154621030391242_2721788577562483243_n      17991839_10154621030386242_5732045675061956064_n

IMG_1449      IMG_1456

Liberty Thompson competed in the tough Junior girl Pentathlon finishing the day on 1631 points which included the following events: (1) 75m Hurdles 13.9 seconds; (2) Shot Putt 5.39m; (3) High Jump 1.23m; (4) Long Jump 3.29m finishing off the day in the 800m and posting a time of 2 minutes 55 seconds.


Only two contestants sadly, in the Senior Men’s Decathlon with one of them being the Harriers John Ilunga who came out on top at the end of the contest. John recorded (1) 100m in 13.0; (2) 110m Hurdles in 22.1; (3) Long Jump 4.98m; (4) Discus 13.84m; (5) Shot Putt 7.76m; (6) High Jump 1.62m; (7) Javelin 21.98m; (8) 400m in 62.7 and (9) 1500m 5.48. Because of the heavy rain the Pole Vault competition was abandoned. After the weekend John told the Club about his event The weather wasn’t great at all over to days,but it couldn’t stop us to get some PB in certain events. On the first day,I had not a good sprinting in both (100m and 400 ) but the long jump, shot put, high jump went well, I was pleased with the outcome even I could have done better. On Sunday I was knackered, my legs was tired. Surprisingly I came off the hurdles well with a three stride, so happy with a 22.1sec. Discuss and javelin was ok. The pole vault was cancelled due to the weather. Then finished with 1500m, I am not a distance runner but I think I did it well literally with all that fatigue over 8 events and I ran 5.45. Overall it was a great experience, I have learnt a lot and I know what areas I need to improve”.



Watford Open Meeting – April 19th

There were four 3000m Races at the Watford Meeting which saw Rob Warner go in the Final Race featuring 26 athletes and won by John Sanderson in a time of 8.11.37. This was Rob’s second 3000m at this early stage of the season finishing in 14th place with a time of 8.34.11 after running 8.32.83 in his first Race Rob two week ago.


Watch Race VIDEO


(Rob Warner No.49)

Trafford Open Meeting – Easter Monday

Dexta Thompson followed on his good form at Hyndburn – in better weather it has to be said –  when he tackled his first ever 1500m at the Easter Monday Trafford Open Meeting and duly won it in a time of 4.55 which puts him in 12th place at the moment in the National Rankings, as the season starts. Sister U11 Kady Thompson set a hat-trick of new PB’s, firstly in the 600m which she won in 2.17.50 – some 10 seconds quicker than last year – jumped 2.65m in the Long Jump (17th) and ran 13.60 for 3rd place in the 75m, a second faster than her previous best.



U13 Joel Booth in his first race of the year set a new PB in the U13’s 100m with a time of 14.32 in 2nd place. U13 Kyle Taylor-Pomfret took 4th place in his 800m race with a time of 2.45.71 then finished 5th in Discus (1kg) with a throw of 15.09m and finished with a season’s best in the Javelin (6th) with 22.14m. U15 Myah Booth was in good form at the Open Meeting winning the 75m Hurdles in a new PB time of 12.51which was over half a second quicker than her previous best time; she then followed that up with another win in the Shot Putt (9.13m) and rounded off her day with a 2nd place in the Javelin – throwing 23.15m. U13 Nicky Saunders was also in on the winning formula taking 1st place in the Discus – throwing 21.49m and backed that performance up with a 2nd place in the Javelin (19.80m) and 3rd spot in the Shot Putt (6.86m).

Northern Veterans League


V50 Tony Balko was competing in the Veterans League on what can only be described as a cold and blustery day. Add to that an issue with a rotator cuff and the two together don’t make for a pleasant day. However Tony still managed to take two wins coming 1st V50 in the 6kg Shot (10.03m) and 1st V50 in the 6kg Hammer (33.56m) even though he was disappointed overall with his performance. Very early days in the season.